Stranger Dreams

Stranger Dreams

Things went from simple to complex when the party went through the portal. They learned more about the universe of humanoids than nearly anyone. Everyone except Zuc Swaine.

Shade was a decisive bloke if not a Good one. But this business of planes and gates had him in a quandary. Shade argues with himself, "If-then-else, nested else's and looping planar logic. I am not smart enough to figure this out!"

Shade began again, "Too much at risk. Can't make 'any' decision. Must make the right decision. Right is right and Right is Good. Don't let Vincent hear me say that. I'll get shanghaied into his order."

"I know I can steal the orb." He rubs his chin, "The Tome will require some subterfuge. Now, for some skullduggery, who in the party must die to secure the majority of votes?" He starts counting on his fingers, "Damn, all of them!"

Shade takes a break from his assassination plots and muses the bigger picture around what is known versus what is unknown, “500 years of peace is why we shouldn’t do anything. It’s obvious!” Shade pauses and inside his brain he stumbles upon the fallacy of this Alter-ego of Kempin. “Wait one second!” As if he is speaking directly to Zuccy Baby himself and continues, “You muthafuka! This isn’t a utopia. This Kempin is a prison.” The last part he says very softly, “No one has peace for 500 years, no one.”

Shade asks the party members to meet him in a secluded location, like a cemetery. He brings flowers and suggests they do the same. “As we mourn the passing <INSERT name of NPC I killed>.

Once alone, Shade lets them in a little secret, “You see fellas. I got hoodwinked, snookered. The right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing.”

Vincent inserts himself, “Enough Shade! We won’t stand here while you get me to pull out a frog from your pocket.”

Sympos, “Oh dear. That was no frog. We need to have that talk.”

Shade smiles, but quickly comes to the point. He retells his musings. However, he did leave out the assassination plot(s). After everyone is caught up, Shade explains, “We don’t need to go home. We don’t need another portal. We need to become the 6 angels of communication, from Kempin to Kempin.

“The truth is simple. Yes, the cataclysm happened. Yes, many died. Years later and things are back to normal with a healthy skepticism of magic. The entirety of Kempin lives on. Spread the word.”

“However, there is a difference between Order L’interdit and reality. We aren’t seeing it and don’t know that we can.” Shade looks at Timm, then continues, “François believes their power is in secrecy. Truly, knowledge is power, and we have that knowledge. How will we share it?”

Shade addresses the party, “You should make your own decisions. I’m going to have a talk with the witch Marietta Landsby.”

Arwin asks, “But what does this mean? I still want to go home.”

Sympos retorts, "It means, if Shade is right, we must prosthelytize the real Kempin exists and this is a farce."


    • Chris Snevets

      For the record, I wouldn't target anyone's character. And definitely not all of them! I don't think Shade could do it. Although, he probably thinks he could. lol 

      Did you notice that I didn't clarify the 'stealing' part?