Of Little There Be

The 30 minute walk to the Landbys took the two Kempinians by several establishments and Shade made a comment about each one. He droned on about how successful others were and how he only deserves spoiled cabbage and hot grease splattered with water. The burns would leave a nice scar though.

Sympos was ready to feed him to a murder of crows. Sympos says sarcastically, "Oh, but you would enjoy that I suppose."

Sympos thought about ending Shade's misery, (and Sympos'). However, Sympos firmly rights himself and says, "Rukin's will is not by Rukin's hand."   

They arrive at the Landsby's where Sympos requests to speak with the lady of the house. He has a delivery of the highest priority.

Marrietta accepts the visitors. Normally there would be at least one attendant. The Landsby's we're a poor family and she was alone.

Sympos explains the delicate situation and says, "Shade has two curses. It really boggles the mind how the two hexes are so... Well, good together. One, you know, gone. The other removes any wants. A turd is the same as a cherry. So, you can see that he is ready to die. I've even thought about the mercy a quick death, a soldiers death, would be."

Marrietta is quite interested in the patient, "Do you mind if I run a couple of experiments?"

Sympos, "If it's quick. We need to get back to Kempin. I mean home."

The witch motions to Shade and says, "You have a lot of gall to darken my door after what it pulled? He is of no use..." She trails off and switches tempo, "Unless... If I can reverse the curse of this cursed piece of jewelry? I could learn a very valuable hex. Can it feel pain?"

Sympos kidney punches Shade. Shade buckles due to the urinary tract reflex, but shows no pain."

Marrietta tries to hide her joy, " I'll do it for what you have."

Sympos says, "He has what I have. With that I will leave him in your care. Oh, if it happens to pass, I will require the body, for Rukin. "