Spreading the Good Word Goes Bad

Shade spreads the word that he wants to apologize to the town for the riot. About a quarter show up at the makeshift mound. Shade gives it the ole apprentice try... <Insert sob story. warning about the coming torture.> And it's all Shade's fault. "I'm so guilty. I should drop dead." He looks up and drops dead. 'wink-wink'.

SS: Now, when I drink the DeathSpell potion, I won't be dead. I'll be in a deep sleep for a week. Have a funeral and cover me in volcanic rock. It is porous and light, so I can breath and get out later.

SS: Sympos, If you let me die, Rukin will not be happy.

S: Why?

SS: I have many more fuckers to kill.


    • Chris Snevets

      I didn't want to play today, until I read Mark Simon's comments. Well done 

      • Marcus Auerilius

        Timm would help Sympos kill the Necromancer without asking why, even if he would appreciate an explanation.  At a certain level, Timm is jealous of Sympos' relationship with his deity/sponsor compared to his own and maybe in some way would seek validation for his own situation from Sympos.

        Something like; We both serve another who grants us incredible abilities, spells or whatever. While yours seems prone to encouraging death, mine demands it...although rarely and under specific circumstances.

        I know and have seen you heal people...even bring them back from the brink of death and suspect you have some offensive capabilities as well. I am granted no ability to heal or mend...I do not wish to share the horrors that I have seen with you...but those horrors are what's manifested when my abilities, my gifts, explode from my heart, mind and hands into the minds of others. 

        The Truth: If Asked

        <This is pretty much what Timm's response would be if confronted by someone else on the team.>

        It is my own doing, my own choice...I could have perished; instead I accepted an offer. Live your life, but serve when called. Reap the benefits, but pay the cost. The Lady of the Sea is older than the oceans, the planets that hold them, and even the concept of liquid. She is so old, she is foreign...closer to 'what was' than 'what is'. 

        Rarely, she takes a knight, or mage, or servant, or shepherd, or miller, or distiller, or brewer, or shoveller of manure...never someone of privilege. Never a Dandy, she only takes those that can provide the candy...those that feed her hunger for that sweetness...that hunger for advancement...but without the sour aftertaste.

        Someone who can advance a cause that is not rational to any mind other than the old ones and fathomless...someone who would be their vanguard. 

        If you keep asking, you will be unavoidably drawn in...are you sure you'd like to continue?!


        <Timm would help Sympos kill almost anyone for any reason. Depending on where we start we can make some decisions. If we start in hiding on the outskirts of Toulon that would be different than we're all still in Toulon and so are all these factions from Mark Stinson's story. I think Timm would be near the cave he told everyone about in previous stories if that was possible. Probably not inside it, but maybe above it on the hill/cliff or in the forest near the entrance.>




        • Jay

          Yeah Sympos would never agree to go anywhere near that necromancer unless it was to kill him

          • Chris Snevets

            It doesn't have to be a week,if healing is applied.

            • Chris Snevets

              Funnier if the necromancer finds me. "Is he too far gone? Why doesn't anything work on this one? Leave him longer? Oh, boy! We've ourselves a live one. Maybe, become my half undead slave? Not alive and not dead."

              Shade comes to. "Why do I have scorch marks all over me. And, no, I'm not being your butt slave. I'll need some water." Shade finds a private area to take a week's leak behind one of the larger headstones.

              Once the caretaker returns with some clean water, Shade says, "You were supposed to be Sympos. Now that you know, I'll have to..."

              The caretaker shifts defensively.

              SS: "I'll have to tell you the truth." The truth is told. 

              • Marcus Auerilius

                Isn't the guy in charge of the cemetery in Toulon a necromancer? Germaine, I believe his name was. Maybe don't be buried in his cemetery...even if it's temporary.


                • Chris Snevets


                  Telling the truth: 10.

                  Deception on dying: 18

                  Slight of hand on potion: 23

                  Con Save Potion, DC 20: 18