Scavenging Bassot

Land Scavenging

Timm ascended what had been a small launch ramp a mere fifty paces from the breakwater that protected the port of Garmond from the rough waters of the channel between the Wilds and the Red Jungle. The battle for Bassot had been quick and from the looks of things, at least half the locals would be refugees soon. Carts and wagons of all shapes, sizes and conditions lined the street as the residents of Garmond fled with whatever belongings they could carry.

Walking the streets closest to what had been the docks and perhaps would be again someday, Timm surveyed the area. The first pub he came across had caught fire and not event he cellar had been spared. The second one had some damage to the roof and outer walls. It was boarded up with a sign saying back soon…when supplies return.  The third one was between the size of the other two and had three large carts parked in front. A large middle-aged man, two able bodied women and several children were loading the second cart as Timm approached.

Open with a joke

Timm asked the large man if he had an ale for sale, which earned a chuckle and started a conversation. The man and his family were moving up the coast. They were taking their belongings, supplies, savings, a few valuables, and several barrels of ale and mead. They were just leaving the place behind…abandoning it. The Hungry Clam was the name, which of course made Timm chuckled a bit and that's when Hermand told him that was the point...a place that people felt comfortable in, no pretense, no bullshit.

“It’s been in my wife’s family for three generations, but it’s not worth this shit…Oth is back?! Magic users all over the place?! I’ve got family not far from here. Hopefully, we can get a little help and start over.”

With permission, Timm took a look around the place. It was a medium sized bar and open floor space with a small kitchen on the first floor. A second floor contained six bedrooms and a couple closets; one at each end. A third floor had two large bedrooms and one master suite. There is a root cellar the footprint of the building for storage. The main entrance was on the first floor and there was an entrance to the root cellar in the back courtyard. Timm exited the building as the family was cinching down the third wagon.

The Side Hustle

“I have a proposal for you.” He said with the toothiest smile he could muster.

A few minutes later, Timm was back inside with a signed bill of sale and transfer of title to the XXX Tavern. He had no supplies, no staff, no alcohol and at least half the furniture was broken…but he had a bar with doors that locked one block from where the docks used to be…and probably would be again. Space upstairs for himself and the team…or to rent out to patrons. And it had only cost him those twelve gems and a promise. Tim picked up a broken chair, carried it to the door and tossed in into the street…might as well start cleaning. He had several hours before he would need to be back in Upper Bassot.


<The promise is if Timm ever decides to sell the tavern, this guy and his family get first right of refusal/option to buy. Timm will be spending his spare time cleaning up the bar and repairing the building; I imagine this will take a while. Once the building is repaired, cleaned up and has adequate furniture, he will hire a manager to run the place. Timm will be taking the master suite of floor three. If any of the party members want a room, let Timm know. Obviously this requires Marks approval.>


    • Marcus Auerilius

      < A little more history about the bar/pub/tavern that Timm acquired>

      The Hungry Clam

      Hermand Gerstaf grew up not far from the coast on a small orchard run by his uncle. With only vague memories of his parents, Hermand’s uncle was the only family he knew. Unhappy in the small town he was raised in and constantly dreaming of “greater things” Hermand left <Small town 1> for Garmond.

      In Garmond, the young and naïve country boy learned the lessons of the city the hard way. Swindled out of any funds he started with or had earned, he joined a merchant fleet as a deck hand. His quick wits and common sense saved his life many times in the three years he sailed the seas.

      Even though it wasn’t where he was raised, Garmond became his home and where he longed to return after long voyages. In <Kempin months in fall> on a short shore leave in Garmond, Hermand met his true love. Most men he sailed with would say “the sea” called them away from home or their ladies, for Hermand, his lady called him back from the sea…he would always love the sea, but he would always return to Ahstar…his true love…best barmaid in Garmond and  granddaughter of Klempf Axehoof, admiral of Germond and local legend.  

      With a twinkle in her eye, Ashtar would laugh and confirms Hermand is her true love. Who else would put up with me and treat me so well, she says while laughing.

      On his last visit to Garmond, now over thirty years ago, Hermand quit the fleet and pursued Ashtar’s hand in marriage. His persistence, wits and success eventually convinced her father that he was a worthy suitor.

      Thirty years later, three children, two daughters and one son who was no longer living, are the result of Hermands persistence. So far, no grandchildren, but word was, the first was on its way.

      Hermand and Ashtar started an inn for merchants decades ago. Just a place to stay, no kitchen, no tavern. Just warm rooms in what was then a quiet neighborhood. Thirty years later, it was just two blocks from the docks of Garmond and had a much different clientele. Sailors and mercenaries, smugglers and knaves, laborers and migrants, refugees and fugitives…every sort you could imagine.

      Something for nothing

      The conversation had started before the incredible events of the past few weeks. when they found out there was a grandchild on the way. They had of courser protested that Casidy wasn’t married etc…but as soon as they were alone, began the “do we want our grandchild raised in this town…should we move?” It was already different from their youth….darker, sour, corrupt.

      The sudden appearance of Bassot answered that question. The initial conflict hadn’t lasted long and Hermand had talked his way out of trouble with the troops from Bassot. I don’t understand what’s going on, but we have family out of town, we’re going there until things calm down…then maybe we’ll come back.

      Two days later as they are packing up the last of their possessions that they’re taking, Hermand was approached by a strange sailor about his tavern/inn. After some conversation, and help loading wagons, Timm purchased “The Hungry Clam” dockside tavern. A small three-story building with a bar on the first floor and lodging on the second and third floors. Heavy damage to the roof and interior during the initial conflict made it quite the project…but Timm needed a project, something to distract himself from other, more permanent or eternal concerns

      With an initial expenditure of roughly 300 gold, Timm was able to get the roof fixed and the doors reinforced and rekeyed to new locks. Doing some of the work himself, Timm expected to spend between another 1800 to 5000 gold for all the improvements he wanted.

      Once the first floor is repaired along with the roof, Timm can hire a bartender and get supplies and at least open as a bar.

      The Hungry Clam

      Current Owner: Timm Valorson

      Original Owner: Hermand Gerstaf

      Three story small tavern/dormer/inn

      Needs lots of repairs. Estimates are based on some labor and work performed by Timm.


      Original – People of The Hungry Clam

      Hermand Gerstaf Father/Owner of The Hungry Clam

      Ashtar Gerstaf Mother/Owner of The Hungry Clam/innkeeper

      Hildegaard Gerstaf Older Daughter/Owner and Bartender of The Hungry Clam

      Renee Gerstaf: Younger Daugher/Pregnant/ Barmaid, Prep Cook

      Armand Frediani: “bard” in residence. He doesn’t’ get paid, but he gets to stay in the dorm on the first floor…he might be squatting.


      Required Upgrades:

      Roof                     250gp

      Door/Locks         50gp

      Bar                        10gp

      Walls                    15gp

      Floors                   10gp

      Furniture              25gp

      Decorations        5-500gp

      Temp                    5gp

      Initial Manager  ???gp

      Initial Supplies    ???gp


      Entertainment    ???gp

      Cellar 500-1000gp

      1st Floor               500-1000gp

      2nd Floor              500-2500gp

      Able to Open     370-875 plus staff

      Full Min               1870 plus staff

      Full Max              5365 plus stuff

      • Mark Stinson

        Approved.  :-)

        Come up with names for the family members, and an original name for their tavern...and the name you might change it to, if you change it.  I'm assuming the theming of the place, was nice little family pub, and nothing too exotic.  Over time, we'll have to tell the tale of how you transform it.

        Look at page 877 of the Rule PDF for Kempin.  It talks about the "Tavern" expansion slot for strongholds.  Look over that Strongholds chapter, and we'll talk about how to use that chapter to give our storytelling and advancement of your tavern forward some structure.