Sitting on the dock by the bay

Sitting on the dock by the bay

He and Henriot had been working on the old Hungry Clam and progress was already visible. With a repaired roof and walls, and a door that locked, repairs and remodeling could begin in earnest…when Timm had more funds. Almost everything he had earned as part of Survey Team 13 as they were being called now had been spent on supplies, equipment, and labor, but he had another job in a few days and hopefully more funds after that.

Tired from a couple days heavy labor, Timm had felt a soft tickle in the back of his mind. It had been too long since he had been submerged and there were several wrecks from the battles that had happened when Oth first reappeared that he wanted to explore and search for anything valuable. Before he knew it, he was headed towards the water, ready for a swim.

It had been a couple weeks and there was probably nothing of value left, but something drove him forward…curiosity, hunger. Sitting on the edge of the dock at the end of the pier, Timm soaked up the anticipation. He wasn’t exactly sure when but he was already in the water and swimming towards the shipwrecks when his daydreaming subsided.

The sound of creeking hulls cutting through the waters above reminded Timm of whalesong…perhaps that’s why those delicious beasts followed ships crossing the sea he thought as he swam. It was good to be back in Garmon, Timm liked the feel of the place and the opportunities it presented.

Dinner is the only treasure

As he suspected, the wrecks had been thoroughly searched and recovered. It was worth it though, just to get in the water. Luckily for Timm, he had passed a large bed of oysters nestled between two small ridges near the western part of the bay on his way out.

With a large sack full of oysters, Timm knew dinner would be a good one tonight. He’d have to spend a lot of time shucking the oysters, but maybe Gabe would be interested in helping and who knows, he might find a pearl or two.

<Timm’s exploring the wrecks from the ships that sank during the battles that happened when Oth reappeared. Doesn’t find anything valuable in the werckage. Comes back with dinner at least…and maybe a pearl or two. Henriot will catch on to Timm being underwater for hours at a time eventually and Timm will catch on to Henriot's association with the drug world in some manner.  I'm working towards Armand being a talented but tragic figure and Timm coming into conflict with the Bosch guy who is using kids to sell tainted drugs. I plan on Timm and Henriot becoming friends as long as MarkStinson doesn't disagree. I think the guilt Henriot feels about killing the kids is similar to something Timm will have to face or reckon with as a servant of the fathomless and the lives he's been and will be commanded to take.>




    • Mark Stinson

      Mark Stinson does not disagree.  I can see the natural connection and friendship that Henriot and Timm would develop.  Shared grief, guilt, and shame does wonders!  :-)