Let the Looting Commence!

The pile of babies was hard to deal with, but the heroes established a system for watching over them.  Well, oddly enough it was Sympos that devised the system.  He kept saying it was no different than tending to a litter of lion cubs.

The babies were old enough to eat smashed up fruit and vegatables, and a little milk.  And all three sources of sustenance were available for easy looting (or milking) in the now empty town below them.  Changing diapers for that many babies really wasn't practical, so they just kept the babies on blankets (which were also available in great surplus in the dead city), and wiped the babies clean now and again.  Everyone was very much looking forward to the arrival of the military, and the opportunity to relinquish the care for the babies.  Only Sympos didn't seem to mind the smell of the babies and the growing pile of soiled blankets.

Our heroes were healed up, for the most part, and took turns caring for the children.  Most of their looting had been focused on caring for the babies, except for a little bit of pilfering here and there. 

Riverbend Abandoned

Aed looked at the empty city below them.  It was a ghost town.  It was as if the presence of Al-Ana and her minions had prematurely aged the town, and taken it from a living town to a proper decaying ruins.  "Gentlemen.  I believe there may be a few things we'll want to liberate from the rotting town below."

Shade smiled.  "I was thinking the same thing.  Not sure if the military will care if we loot, but might be good to get the looting done before they get here."

Gabe nodded.  "I bet there is a pantry or two worthy of raiding!  Farmers and fishermen...they know their spices."

Aed and Shade shared a look.  Shade answered, a smirk on his face. "Yeah, Gabe…you focus on the pantries.  We'll mop up the rest."

Timm laughed.  "Sympos and I will take first watch on this rabble here.  You guys get to looting."

(Okay, guys.  Sort of tell me the places you go.  What you are looking for exactly, and how.  And what efforts you go to in order to transport what you loot.  And, character will be taking turns with the babies, so every character has a say in what they are looking for and where they go for it.)


    • Mark Stinson

      Who is involved in the Interrogation?  I'm writing a story about that tonight...



      • Marcus Auerilius

        (Moved to a comment on "The Arrival of the Cavalry" to keep things chronological.  FYI.

        -Mark Stinson

        • Mark Stinson

          "Since most of us sailed with the Carnival, I’m hoping Mark will allow us to say we have some familiarity/ experience with sailing."

          Your optimism knows no bounds.  :-)

          I'll take this a little further this evening...


          • Marcus Auerilius

            The Longship    

            The docks and handful of ships there were the last places Timm had checked, but he was glad he did. There were three ships that had potential, but once he was within a few yards of the T’buron du Rivera he knew which one he wanted. You could tell from the tighly packed grain of the beams that formed the hull that ancient oak trees had been felled to make this one. Older than the rest, it showed some wear and tear, but it’s bones were strong and it had the best chance of surviving in the sea…as long as they stayed close to the coast.

            Listen up…especially you Shade. Timm said while winking at Shade, I found a ship, the T’buron du Rivera, that can hold eight thousand pounds before we have to worry about swimming. Let’s put all our loot in its hold. Don’t overload it! We’ll take it to the coast and if I can teach the four of you the basics while on the river, we’ll sail it along the coast to Garmond. Shade, we’ll need some locks with keys. When we leave to hunt down the cultists, we’ll lock it up.

            Timm left the group and headed to the harbormaster’s office Shade had mentioned finding. It was a small office with a one-room apartment above it. From a quick scan, it looked like the T’buron du Rivera was registered with Riverbend as its home, but that oak, wasn’t from around here…so where did the ship originate?

            Timm spent a few hours searching and grabbing record books and ship registries. It slowly became clear that penning himself in as the owner of the ship would be more complicated than he had originally thought, so he stole all the records and registrations. 18 large books in all. Since there were a handful of maps detailing the local region but with river routes and ports added…penned in by hand on some of them, Timm went ahead and took those as well.

            Timm returned to the T’buron du Rivera to find Shade had already filled half of it. He put the books and maps in a large chest in the hold, next to a couple of paintings Aed had thought he would like for the tavern…Aed had been right. One was of a stormy sea…must have been very valuable in Othamar prior to the gate closing. The other was of a forest over rolling hills that rise into mountains in the distance. Both would be great fits for the tavern. 

            Now all they had to do was avoid trouble with the army, kill some cultists, maybe hunt a dragon, slip away with all their loot, and sail a longship on the sea with half the normal crew. Timm smiled.

            <If someone isn’t able to play next time, I would like to say they’re staying on the ship and keeping an eye on our stuff…if Mark’s okay with that. For the longship details. We need a crew of five. Four people minimum in “Sail positions” and one “Helmsman”. I’m thinking Timm should be the Helmsman. If we can get the ship down the river without sinking it, we can give it a try on the sea and just stay very close to shore. Since most of us sailed with the Carnival, I’m hoping Mark will allow us to say we have some familiarity/ experience with sailing.>

            • Mark Stinson

              OMG.  You both had me laughing at work as I read these.  Perfect stories!

              • Jay

                Sympos is good with focusing on the babies primarily.  He gladly pre-chews their food before each feeding.  He ferments some of the tougher vegetables to ensure they can be easily digested.  He does find some time to look through the temple for some items for his own temple.  Some robes, incense, censers, lamps

                • Chris Snevets

                  Shade kept busy going from house to house unlocking many strong boxes and safes. They were under a time crunch as reinforcements were on the way. Shade setup camp under the tavern where they first met the townsfolk. He was knee deep in loot and chests lay strewn about on the floor. Someone entered the cavern and Shade said, "I'm almost all caught up. And without looking up said, "Set it over there."

                  It was one of the first guardsmen to arrive. He screamed, "Why you filthy looter." And put a beat down on the unaware Shade. The blow sent him flying across the room and he was momentarily stunned. The guard drew his sword and spun it in his hand showing he knew how to use it. He closed the gap between him and the looter with a feint to the left. Shade didn't have time to defend himself. The second slash cut him across the abdomen and Shade double-overed.

                  Shade was losing consciousness. A whisper in the forefront of his mind echoed, "Bring him closer. Shade grabbed the guard by the epilates and the guard made ready to run him through. However, tendrils extended like stilettoes into the guards exposed face and neck, his life-force was being sucked out of him. His arms went limp as the poison instantly paralyzed him. 

                  Shade could feel his wounds heal and a satisfaction of fullness after a good meal. The Gathias Stake had saved Shade's life. And now it was time leave. He gathered the coin and loot that he could pack away and headed for the river. Timm would be waiting on the boat. The fully weighted boat was a pleasant sight. It was as if he hadn't murdered a duly sworn guard of Othamar.  He smiled as he jumped aboard. Let's get under way as soon as possible. I don't think they're going to make us heroes.

                  • Mark Stinson

                    Along the river, there are a number of Longships tied to docks (or the equivalent of a Longship from our rules - Ships and Boats chapter).

                    Feel free to pick one, describe it, name it, etc...and figure out how you are going to load it and keep it during your hunt for the Cultists, or how to get it back to Bassot.  I don't mean that's impossible.  I just mean, let's figure out how that happens for our story.

                    • Marcus Auerilius

                      Timm will agree with Shades plan and let the party know he’ll detect which items are magic and if they have time, identify them and what they do. Knowing the merchant stores will have been pilfered already and that the wealthy in the town were the most likely to have the good stuff, Timm goes to the Mayor’s house, the Temple of Kempin, the other house that was connected to the tunnels, and the dock area if there is one…in that order.

                      He will primarily be looking for magic items using devil’s sight, but will also search for art, paintings, sculptures, chandeliers, etc. Things that would look good and fancy up his bar back in Bassot. And of course, he will keep an eye out for coin, jewelry and other valuables.  

                      At the docks he’ll be looking for maps, valuable cargo, and working ships. If there is a viable ship, it might be a good mode of transportation to go north. The dragon flew to the north, and perhaps the cultists fled in that direction. Or it might be a good way to transport all their loot to the south, towards the ocean and most likely a port town.

                      • Mark Stinson

                        It turns out that the cultists fled at the same time that Al-Ana disappeared.  So, there are none there to distract you from your looting.  For more information about the cultists, see the "Arrival of the Cavalry" story that takes place after your looting is complete.

                        How do you want to do this looting thing guys?  I could just post a list of stuff?  Or perhaps someone has a character development story or little adventure they would like to write during the looting?  Let me know.

                        • Chris Snevets

                          Gold baby! We got babies to sell. Just kidding. Start at the merchant's stores. There will be hard loot and quickly left behind tills. Then work from the largest house on down. Light-weight items like silk rope/Fine clothes, leather armors, daggers and smaller weapons. Family heirlooms and house swords, things with history like artworks. Of course, let Shade know of any lock boxes that need cracked.

                          We'll have to clear the buildings first. Occultist didn't get a free ride to nirvana with Al-ana. They deserve death and only death. There might be some magic weapons with the cultists. Make a pile and detect magic.