January 29th Game Notes

Long rest taken before entering magical door.

  • Frightal-Lok acquired two new friends on the adventure. One is called Pieces and has a multi-faceted face with ADD. The other is related to a black thumb ring. It said “My little pet…You will do for my purposes…Go about your business…I’ll let you know when I need you.” Frightal replied in agreement, 'Okay'.
  • Frightal-Lok told a story about punishing a Hauflin pickpocket by eating his lower leg alive.
  • Vom Duram was almost eaten from the inside out. However, he wrapped his trunk around the appendage and whipped it back at the last second.
  • The Irregulars entered the town of Poryadok and fought a foul creature that eats souls. Gaerwyn took out the beast by martyring himself.


    • Marcus Auerilius

      Vom's notes

      First two days, no encounters

      Day three at camp we encountered odd rock creatures that came out of the nearby flowing lava.

      Day Four ran into merchant with mule. Extorted 30gp worth of gold dust from him. He warned us of a terrible scene further down the path.

      A couple hours later came to a campsite with five dead bodies. Looked like something went in through their mouths and exploded out of their chests.

      Found pouch with 20gp worth of gold dust.

      Climbed over rubble to get inside dome.

      Lumps of debris in the streets are bodies. Metal lines in skeletons and remnants.

      Following monstrosity we came to a room with a priest in front of it. Inside room was a finely dressed skeleton with weird cloak. Had ring with a skull on it with runes on band. 75 gp and 20sp. 100gp ruby. 2 potions.

      There were some flesh sacks and skeletons inside. We trapped priest on inside with skellys, cloak and fleshbags. Priest killed all but cloak. We killed two fleshbags that were on the outside. Priest came out and filled party in on some details then left.

      Team was led to a room with a weird floating tentacle thing…betrayed by our guide. Fought and killed monster. Went down dirty hole. Attacked by heart eating monsters.

      Killed the monsters and found a gate in the back of the room. Assuming this is the gate to Mechanus…weird metal lines and patterns coming out of sealed portal.