Finding Good Help

The Ship’s Captain

Henriot was working on the third floor, framing out the doors to the bedrooms and Armand was still passed out when Gruf arrived. They met at the bar and over the next hour and a half hammered out their arrangement.

  • Timm owns the ship.
  • Gruf will captain the ship and act as its operator.
    • Gruf will pick the crew.
    • Gruf is responsible for all taxes, tariffs, duties, and payments.
  • The ship will sail between Riverbend and Garamond-Bassot.
    • Gruf’s reasoning is that the longship can travel upriver whereas most ships can’t.
    • Riverbend to Garamond will only stop at the coastal city of Anawaha.
    • Garamond to Riverbend will stop at LeLande, Anawaha, and Stoke-on-Garonde.
    • Their business will focus on the fast transport of passengers and small cargo.
      • No smuggling.
      • Only Anawaha, Riverbend, and Garamond-Bassot for overnight stays.
  • Timm gets 15% of the profits. The rest is Gruf’s to use how he sees fit.
  • Timm and Gruf will meet monthly to go over the books and review the business plan for the first two years.
    • Maybe move to quarterly meetings as the business matures.

The Manager & Maid

Erich & Elanor were out on their regular walk and decided to pass by that tavern they had been keeping an eye on. To their surprise, it looked much improved and even had an impressive anchor mounted above the entrance. Suddenly, they were startled out of their admiration by the unexpected voice from behind them.

Impressive, isn’t it!? You must be the couple Henriot told me about…come inside and see what we’ve done.” Said the man who looked suspiciously like a noble turned pirate. Timm walked across the street, turned and motioned for them to follow as he stopped to unlock the front door.

At this point, Henriot had already vetted the young couple enough to know they aren’t involved with any guilds or drama. The man had upset a noble in an inconsequential town. They might have trouble in that one place, but it won’t follow them here.

Timm poured them a drink and proceeded to show them the place while apologizing for all the things that were still unfinished. Over the next couple of hours, Timm works out an arrangement with Erich and Elanor.

  • Erich will be the bartender and manage the daily operation.
  • Elanor will be the barmaid and when more barmaids are hired will be the floor manager.
  • Erich and Elanor will get one of the rooms on the third floor to stay in, in addition to their salary.
    • If the Inn & Tavern is profitable at the end of the year, they will get one share of the business with a max of 5 shares possible through this method.
  • They understand that Henriot is the managing partner and is the one they should go to first when they need something.
  • At some point, Henriot will join them at the table and they will all shake on the arrangement.
  • A few days later, after their room is ready, they will move into the Anchor Inn & Tavern.

The Chef

Timm will offer both Gabe and Aed the opportunity to develop the menu for the Anchor Inn & Tavern. Only one may accept. 

  • The requirements
    • Should be seafood focused.
    • Very high quality, fresh ingredients
      • Fresh ingredients from Riverbend Farms 😊
      • Rare & hard to find seafood dishes… available only when Timm’s in town 😊
    • Simple, well done, flavorful dishes.
    • Each owner has the option of voting on the menu. One share equals one vote.
    • Ownership may choose to vote on autonomy for the chef.
      • Majority vote means chef picks the menu.
      • Any owner may call for a recall vote.
  • The compensation
    • One share in the business for developing and maintaining the menu.
    • One share for training the kitchen staff (1-3 people) (ongoing).
      • if the kitchen staff's cooking is inferior to the demonstration dishes this will not be awarded.
    • One share if seating is more than 50% occupied during lunch and dinner after one year.
    • One share if seating is more than 75% occupied during lunch and dinner after one year.
    • One share if seating is more than 95% occupied during lunch and dinner after one year.
    • Max: 5 shares through this method.

The Cooks

Timm will ask Shade and Henriot for helping find good kitchen staff. In Timm’s mind, cooks, chefs, and their like tend to be closer to the rogue-like classes. Below is Timm’s rough plan on how to find cooks.

  • Chef, sous-chef and prep cook/dishwasher needed.
  • Timm will offer to pay for Shade, Henriot and himself to go around and eat at all the restaurants, taverns and inns in Garamond-Bassot and the nearby towns.
    • If Gabe’s around, Timm will invite him on the condition that Gabe pays for all of them...Gabe's cowardice and "stealing" from Sympos has him in the doghouse to an extent.
    • If Aed’s around, Timm will invite him on the condition that he pay for himself...Aed's still new.
    • If Shade and Henriot agree, they will also invite Erich and Elanor to the excursions that occur prior to the Anchor Inn opening…Timm will pay their part.
    • After sampling everything in the area, they will then offer the jobs to the best cooks and chefs from the places they thought were the highest quality in the surrounding area.
  • The cooks will be payed at above average rates but will have very high expectations.
    • The cooks can stay in the common room on the second floor for four weeks.
      • They’re expected to find their own place sooner than that.
      • Timm will be working on buying additional property nearby to potentially help with lodging issues.
    • If the chef who they decide to hire is famous, and Aed or Gabe have proved to be difficult, then the famous chef will be offered their deal.

<If the compensation for the employees is shares in the business, then the max only applies to compensation. Said employees are welcome to attempt to buy more shares if they have the money…just remember any sale of shares must be approved by the majority of shareholders.>

<The Anchor Inn & Tavern will open prior to having food available...beyond jerky and chips. A few rooms for rent, a bar and some tables to drink at, snacks and live music is all they will start with.>