Mjöllnir Levels Up

    Chris Snevets

    Stonejaw trains the great white how to fight like land lubbers, feints, traps, repostes and other manoeuvers. Fish to fish and discipline when to eat and when to kill.

    Stonejaw's efforts would nye be possible if it weren't for Wave's translations. 

    Mjöllnir's greatest fears were the mighty Killer Whales. Feign Death when Tonic immobility presents Then twist and breach, letting your top rows teeth tear into the apex predator.

    Mjöllnir barks, "You humanoids can't understand. It's like you are at home, asleep, in the warm free flowing riptides. You can't wake up because you don't want to wake up, even if something is munching on your hide!

    The first exercise was to master tonic immobility. Stonejaw aka Stoneballs put the shark into position and squeezed his balls, at least the area where Wave said they would be. 

    Mjöllnir pissed all over Stonejaw and screamed out loud, if a shark is permitted such a human noise. Stonejaw flipped his hair back, ignoring the urine in his hair and says, "Now we're getting somewhere!" He doesn't even wash his head in the sea, when he's in the sea?!