Admiral Raynott's Extraction Plan for the Heroes

I’m lazy and don’t want to write out the whole thing (plus it’s got Cobb in it, and he’s kind of been hogging the spotlight lately).  Bullet points:

Cobb and the Warhawk meet up with the rest of the Eldermont fleet.  Grand Admiral Noster Raynott tells Cobb that the Warhawk will not join the sea battle, but instead, head to the mainland of the Empire where the land battle will take place.

Cobb curses and threatens, but Raynott explains that the king and the Heroes are thousands of miles from home, and may need extraction should the battle turn dire. 

He explains that the magical painting in the Warhawk’s cabin may be the only chance that the Heroes have to escape.  Cobb reluctantly agrees.


Three ships:  Captain Grat’s Dirt Bertie, Captain Beck’s Second Chance, and Captain Lochlan Bailey’s Peregrine will escort the Warhawk to the site.  This is a likely suicide mission for all three ships, as they are there to protect the Warhawk and make sure it’s in one piece to help the king.

Raynott also orders Cobb to go back thru the painting and travel back to the keep and obtain the large flying carpet from the vault and bring it onboard the Warhawk.  He tells Cobb to figure out how to use it in case the Heroes need help getting to the ship.