Call me Ekz

The ride back was a long one for any involved…even longer if you looked like a goblin. They all knew who he was and no one was going to give him any trouble, but the stares were noticeable as was the body language. No one trusts a goblin, much less wanted one around…and for that very reason he stayed covered up. To the point that no skin was exposed…just those yellow eyes showing through the shadow of his hood.

Still a Hero of Eldermont, T’na was summoned to Vax’s chambers to plan for the return to Eldermont. The communications being received from the other rulers was that the undead had risen everywhere and most had battles to fight when they had returned home. Preparing for such at Eldermont was the current topic.

Not able to easily see the maps on the planning table, annoyed by the change in height and how people were reacting to him, T’na threw his mug across the room in frustration. The room became quiet as all the faces stared at the former elf.

“T’na, are you alright?” Squee and Vax asked almost simultaneously, while Stonejaw looked up with an eyebrow slightly raised.

“Not really...and that’s not my name…not anymore…call me Ekz.” He said while turning and leaving the room.

On the deck and in a foul mood, Ekz looked up to see an empty crow’s nest. It was a quick climb and a great vantage to watch the clouds pass as the ship cut through the waves. A forty-year detour as an elf and now he was a seven-year-old goblin again, but with something else…this power inside…what was it? His previous plans would never work now. Everything would have to be reconsidered. He had much to think about as the ship sailed back to Eldermont…