Stonejaw's Lament

The Lich Prince was proud of himself. His new envoy will serve him well. An added bonus was the conversion of Wave to the undertaking. "I do have a sense of humor, a twofer," smiling while rubbing his motley chin.

Stonejaw made it clear that, although he is a werewolf and has evil tainted powers and communicates with the undead and radiates evil, he is not evil. 

The Lich replies, "Whatever you need to tell yourself, Kempinman. My tasks for you on Kempin won't have you murdering anyone you know, or making paste out of babies. You'll do fine. Now, to show you that I want you to succeed, I have boosted Wave's abilities. It will return to you by thought. Your psychic link will be stronger. You will want to keep Wave close and take his guidance. Remember, you will be marked and will die if you displease me. See? You will have full power of free will, as much as you think you have ever had. Muhahahaha... Ha...ha!"