The Dream Home

<Obviously forgot we were hiding in the safe house when I first wrote this so wanted to correct that part...and since we're level four thought I'd add my feat choice to the story>


The Dream Home

The dense air, thick with moisture, left a wet sheen on his exposed skin as he sauntered through the shadowland. Walking in his homeland, without a worry or concern as to how or why he was there, Shax was following a voice. Like the murmur on the other side of a wall, he knew it was there and could almost understand what it was saying...

Slowly making his way towards the sound, or the murmur that he was sure was a voice…a familiar one, Shaxiros Bavarax, traveled through the land of his father and siblings, a jungle-filled pocket dimension in the shadowlands, in search of something…

Canary in a cage

“You've been asleep for two days and you’re late for our game!" Elias shouted through the door to Shax's room in the safehouse, waking him up.  At this point, he and Elias had played every card game that existed and some that didn't. Elias won most of the games, but Shax wasn't a rookie when it came to gambling and was able to pull off a win once in a while. And losing to Elias at cards was better than watching him pace around the room.

Shax sat up, sore and a little off-balance, took stock of his surroundings as he got dressed, and headed downstairs, somehow revitalized and disturbed by the previous night’s dream.

He could hear Elias shuffling the deck as he entered the living room and was surprised to see Elias let the cards slip from his hands as he was shuffling and just stared at Shax.

"What?" Shax asked as Elias just stared at him and pointed.

"What are those?" Elias asked pointing to the large folded wings peeking from over Shax's shoulders.