Elias is Bored. So, So Bored.

Bored.  So bored.  Bored beyond hope.  Bored to death.  By the gods, Elias was bored.


He, the crazed knight Bastille, and the dragon-man Shax had been holed up in a safe-house for weeks.  They were laying low after kidnapping the Jewel of the Sands from a rich and powerful Aerouni merchant in Daruth.  The Jewel of the Sands was some kind of nobility “brood mare” that got passed around the great Aerouni houses to give birth to noble little bastards.  She was as haughty and stuck up as she was beautiful. 


Elias’ uncle Otto had given them the job.  He had promised it was just a simple heist.  But Otto’s information had been incorrect, or the bastard had just been lying.  He had told them that the “Jewel” was an actual jewel of some kind, a gem.  The three were shocked and screwed when they realized it was a woman they had been sent to steal.  So, the simple heist turned into a kidnapping.  Which was fine with Elias.  He was not morally opposed to any job that put coin in his pocket.  He was not morally opposed to much, truth be told.


It was the sloppiness, the impromptu nature of it that rankled.  If he had just known it was a kidnapping ahead of time, he would have planned much differently.  Prepared better.  As it was, they had to improvise and shed a lot of blood, but they managed to barely escape with the Jewel.  More than anything, though, it bothered Elias’ sense of professionalism.  A perfect heist leaves no traces, and no witnesses.  It is a thing of beauty, a work of art.  Not this job, though.  Too damned many people saw them as they fought their way out of the heist-turned-kidnapping.  Normally that wouldn’t be a problem for Elias.  He could blend in with the crowd anywhere.  But his companions were a dragon man and a flying knight who talked to the shrunken heads he wore on his belt.  Not the most inconspicuous partners.


Elias, Shax and Bastille were small-time, low-level crooks.  They didn’t have the juice to arrange a ransom for something this big.  So, Otto set them up in a small villa up the coast while he set up the return and ransom payoff.  But that had been weeks ago.  Elias was beginning to wonder if Otto was going to screw them out of their cut of the ransom.  Oh, every week or so, one of the Blackwood gang would bring them fresh provisions, and assurances that things were progressing, but that was it.


The villa was nice, with a beautiful view of the ocean, but there Was.  Nothing.  To.  Do.  Elias was climbing the walls, literally.  He had stolen the possessions of his companions twice already, and returned them, without their notice.  Just for practice. 


And worst of all, there were no women.  Boredom and enforced celibacy were taking their toll on the three partners.  Tempers were fraying.  If something didn’t happen soon, the three might come to blows.


Elias was ready for anything to happen.  Anything.  Even an apocalypse would be better than this.