Famke Katic, aka Sasha Urfdenbalforgen, Slaver

Famke had setup an elaborate background, paid off enough of the competition to present as one of them, a Slaver. She implemented an elaborate trail of believable bread crumbs where she, Sasha, could find out about the sick ones, the ones that hurt people. For Famke Katic had been hurt before.



    • Chris Snevets

      She mainly uses dual Cestus made from copper, brass and bronze. They're made to look like jewelry or asex tool. (They're not listed anywhere. So, I'm guessing light, finesse 1d4 simple, bludgeoning.)

      • Chris Snevets

        Famke was alluring, mysterious and overflowed with magnetism rarely felt in these times.

        Sasha, on the other hand, was rough, with a loud Gaulic accent. She had a scar down one eye and wore an eye patch.

        • Chris Snevets

          Famke sells her services for three reasons:

          Gold, Protection and to find her sister who was sold into slavery. The Madame schedules Famke for the most demanding clients of the red light district.




          • Chris Snevets

            She created forged documents showing that Sasha was licenced to trade in humanoids at stops along the way. A very close secret is that each party member is owned by Sasha. Merely for looks and authentication. Sasha has legitimately purchased slaves. As odd as that sounds, she has freed them at her expense.

            Famke brings in more gold than any other outfit under the Carnival brand, per Capita that is. The entire thieving operation is coin minting in perpetuity. Famke is a professional, more than that, she is a force of nature. She likes what she does...mostly. The Madame does not filter willing clientele. However, Famke and Sasha do. She gets word who the weirdos are and somehow convinces them they had a good time. Or, the real mean ones are never heard from again. She doesn't always win. The Carnival helps its own.