Reverse Monster Summoning LVL 42

    Chris Snevets

    The Lich Prince spoke to Stonejaw, "Your first task is to remove the Eater of Worlds from this world. It is the only thing standing in my way of my plans. Take this Hulcrux and activate it when you get on top of it."

    "How about in it?", says Stonejaw. The Prince smiles and nods.

    Stonejaw instructs the Prince to place him somewhere over the creature at 10,000 feet.


    Stonejaw is falling towards what looks like an island moving in a desert in the north of Swaldune. Stonejaw thinks to himself as the buffeting wind noise gets louder, "Gawds I better have immunity. I mean, gods grant me immunity from this creature and by your grace, allow me to accomplish my quest."

    At over a hundred miles per hour, he flew into the creatures spine like a mosquito against a charging bull, with similar expected results. Stonejaw, or Slackjaw as the name befits, smashed into the creature and lodging himself into the flesh of the creature. The Eater of Worlds barely noticed the intrusion, like a flea on a dog. 

    Stonejaw was completely stuck and was beginning to lose wind. He quickly thought to transform into his larger hybrid form and then again, rapidly between the two visages. His actions created a pocket where he could move about, like a larvae escaping its egg. He merely needed to activate the device. Then finally a loud hum and a purple beam of energy erupts, consuming both the world eater and Stonejaw. In a flash they were gone, transported to another realm.

    The last image is of Stonejaw, buried to his neck in the creature and the Eater of Worlds is slowly consuming the new realm of infinity. "Help..."