What Martine Saw



"No. I'm dead serious! I saw it with my own eyes."


"Nah... you were drunk... or took a blow to the head. There is no way that happened."


The young deckhand, Martine, was insistent he had seen the most shocking thing, but the old seadog, Krakow, was equally insistent that Martine was full of shit.  Their argument had been going on for several minutes, and now the other 4 sailors that shared their bunk room had started to pay attention.


Lebeau stepped in.  "It was a trick of the light….it was a total fucking mess on deck."


Martine spun in Lebeau's direction. "NO! I was looking right at her when it happened! I was only sfect away...looking right at her. I wasn't drunk, " Martine ran a hand through his hair.  "And my head is just fine.  I saw what I saw."


Zander, Martine's best friend, asked awkwardly, "If you saw what you say you saw, it's a big deal.  We'll have to tell someone. And it's likely it will mean her death.  Its a big fucking deal."


Martine had reached the end of his patience.  "No shit... its a big fucking deal.  Having a witch aboard our ship could sink us. Or we might get burned at the stake at the next port just for knowing her!  I'm going to tell Munt!"


Krakow ran a rough hand over his sea-weathered face.  "Alright, alright...you ain't wrong.  Just hearing what you say you saw ... We're fucked if we don't report this.  But you ain't going it alone, Martine. will all go with you to tell Munt.


The six sailors straightened their clothing, and readied themselves to make their report.  Lebeau asked Martine,  "Did she see you...uh...see her.  I mean, if she knows... that you know...then you are in danger.  And if she knows we know...then we're all in danger."


Martine pulled on his cap.  "During the battle, I was off to her right, looking right at her. But she wasn't looking at me.  Everything was chaos. Then she made these weird gestures with her hands... and sung a little song so beautiful and sad….and then Famke just disappeared into thin air.  Fucking witch!"


    • Mark Stinson

      So just to clarify, Femke is 100% oral?

      • Marcus Auerilius

        Timm's Deposition 

        Timm’s answer if someone above his rank asks about Famke:

        Being able to disappear is a skill most whores have. It’s part of their skillset and job. Just like defending the ship is part of a sailor’s job. I saw Famke help defend our ship from the undead and I hear by his own admission that while the ship was under attack, Martin was staring at a whore. Take from that what you will.

        If pressed on the subject/his opinion by equal or superior:

        Look Captain, a young sailor is likely to freeze during their first battle and even a veteran is likely to crap his pants the first time he encounters the undead. Accusing a whore of something worse is a good distraction from the fact that you froze and didn’t live up to the oath you swore. ‘Oh, the whore disappeared, it was witchcraft!’ What a load of shite! What experienced whore can’t disappear? The fuckin rookie froze in combat, admitted it in his statement, and accused someone who didn’t freeze up. Put him in the brig for a few days and let him know why…cause he stood there and watched while the ship was under assault. Keep an eye on the whore if it makes you feel safer…it’s not a bad sight to rest your eyes on.

        Timm’s comments on the ship gossip about Famke for the sailors:

        <Timm’s attitude about sailors ratting each other out is very much: snitches get stitches.>

        It’s a sailor's duty to defend the ship and a whore’s duty to fuck the sailors. Ironic, isn’t it, that the whore was defending the ship and the sailor was staring at the whore…thinking about fucking?!

        Since his looks aren’t going to do it, maybe someday he’ll be wealthy enough for the whores not to disappear from right in front of his eyes.

        • Chris Snevets

          Bards use their mouths or instruments. Famke is solely verbal. If he heard Famke, then he could put two and two together. "She said she would be gone and she was!" Probably more damning evidence than hand waivery.

          • Chris Snevets

            How many must be killed? They will be silent, or they will be silenced. Or, sold into slavery? Yes, that has worked before. Now, will my friends stand in solidarity with me? I will not go quietly in this fair night. There is much to be done and I cannot, will not be distracted by these Harlots and Charlatans. 

            I will sleep my way to the top and cut the head off the serpent.

            • Jay

              As Sympos would say, he is lucky for Rukin’s will may be realized for him soon. I revel in his decay, for death is the forbearer of new life.