The Hunt for the Heretic Famke Katic

(This story is preceded by the story "What Martine Saw")

In planning the abduction, charges are laid out against the witch. One sailor says, "It's a known fact she changes into a black cat. Her nickname says it all, the family cat. "

And another sailor pipes in with, "And she charms her johns, making them do unnatural things."

And then adds, "She teleports away from the attackers. That's some powerful magics."

The ranking sailor, Krakow, explains the plan, "The six of us will snatch her up and stuff her into this bag.  We'll have to work together, and none of us can waver.  None of us can let fear or her feminine nature distract us.  We'll throw her on the slip boat and we six will take her to the animal ship. Hold her there until we reach port."

Martine was hesitant.  "Why don't we just report this to Munt, like we talked about?  Why not report it to Mr. Myers...or the Professor himself?

Lebeau shook his head.  "What if Munt tries to claim the reward for himself...or if Mr. Myers looks in his ledger books, and decides the carnival makes too much money from the witch's tricks, and gets rid of us rather than her?

Zander put his hand on Martine's arm.  "It makes sense, buddy.  We secure the witch...we turn her in ourselves.  Its simple...and we keep the reward."

Martine nodded.


There are six players in the fold.  Krakow was the most experienced and connected. He knew the magistrate at the next port. He would get a nice reward for uncovering a witch this powerful. Not only was Krakow going to get what is owed. With a wry smile, he thinks to himself that he might get a sample of the family cat! If one believes what the nobles say, it's something he cannot pass up.  Martine and Zander are basic backup types, looking for some action and will follow orders. Lebeau was a good looking bloke, if not a wise one.  Always looking to test his mettle.  Rankle and Bart rounded out the crew.

Armed with a heavy canvas bag, rope, a gag, and some wrist and leg cuffs boosted from the ship's brigg, the six sailors snuck quietly into Famke's cabin, and the six struck as one.  A gag was stuffed in her mouth, and her arms held the hopes this would prevent her from enchanting them.  Her hands and feet were chained, and she was stuffed in the heavy bag. 

The six men journeymen bounty hunters took the package to the animal ship using the slip. They had a stranded sign for the ship to slow and take on supplies or passengers.


The six sailors tied her up in an empty cage, where she was outstretched, straddled and gagged. They searched her by ripping her clothes off.  Krakow ordered Rankle and Bart to clean up the cage and put lots of fresh hay. He planned to have fun with this one. The Zander took Martine away, in order to talk him down and calm his nerve.  Lebeau supervised the younger sailors, and verbally abused them, as was his habit while Krakow stood off to the side.

Famke fakes choking, even performs a trick to foam at the mouth. Without really thinking, Rankle quickly removes the gag from Famke's mouth as her body goes limp.  Krakow yells to Rankle to replace the gag, but Rankle is panicking, and muttering something about how "she can't be dead!"  That is when Famke strikes, by casting charm person, "Thank you for saving me! I don't know what I would do without you." Famke only needs her mouth to destroy a man. "So, let's talk. What do you like about me?" And she strikes a pose, as much as the chains allow. 

Lebeau, Krakow, and Bart struggle to get past Rankle, but he is standing between the three of them and the whore.  Poor Rankle wants Famke all to himself, and won't let the others touch her or hurt her.  Never again!  

Lebeau pulled his knife, and Krakow gives him a nod.  Lebeau slams his blade into Rankle's throat, and the young sailor buckles at the knees, a lost look in his eyes.  Everything fell into chaos.


Sempos happens to be sleeping in the shit stall several feet away. He was nursing a sick tiger. He wakens to sailor's yelling at each other, and hears old Krakow yelling, "You stupid bitch!  Now we'll have to cut you up and feed you to the fishes!"

Sempos peeks over the stall divider, and sees Leabeau roughly groping Famke's breasts like she's a puzzle he's trying to solve.  He grips a bloody knife in his other hand.  Famke was looking forward to his touch.  Lebeau's mouth opens as if to scream. However, he crumples in a heap of necrotic puss and bile.  Krakow and Bart step back fear in their eyes.

Sempos smiles.  It is time to feed the death and decay at the foundation of the world.  An excuse is never needed, but never hurts to make it more interesting.  Famke cast what must have been a sleep spell, and Krakow and Bart slump to the floor.  BASH!  BASH!  And Sempos has caved both their skulls in.


Four dead bodies occupy the stall, along with Famke and Sempos.  The strange shit-covered man chuckles awkwardly and rushes toward Famke, "I like you. Death follows you."  Sempos pauses, and considers the bound and naked woman.  After staring at her beauty for several moments, he covers her with a cloak and retrieves the keys to her chains. They carefully pile the bodies and cover them with a layer of straw.

Sempos rubs his dirty hands together, only smearing the filth rather than removing it.  "I can get rid of one needs to know."

Famke gathers her torn clothes, a filthy cloak covering her nakedness.  "There were six of them...but we've only killed four.  "Where are the other two?"

Sempos shrugged.  "Death is choosing.  Will they die?  Or will we?  It doesn't really matter."


    • Mark Stinson

      I made changes to the story, so it matches up with my story introducing the six sailors (including the witness Martine) that were plotting to turn in Famke.  I've added their names to the story, and added more dialogue.  I also wrote Torvi out of the story, as Bert said Torvi would not be involved in this scenario, and he requested I remove her.  I know its 2 hours before the game, but we'll go over this to BEGIN the game tonight.  So, everyone will be up to speed.

      I deleted the original version of the story, to avoid confusion.  But, I sent a copy to Chris, so nothing is lost.  :-)