Sea Dreams

The sound of placing a large shell near your ear pervaded his dream. Everything had that underwater shimmer…the light and the sound.

Famke swimming through the air, chased by sharks and screaming for help, but apparently needing none. With a flash, she was swimming free in a tight sharkskin dress. Sharks feeding on sharks behind her.

The sound of the ocean shifted as waves do…perhaps a storm was brewing above.

Torvi fought against ghosts only she could see in a dead forest, slowing turning into barren tundra. A worthless husband, a dead child and more swirled around her. Friendly spirits tried to assist, but she swatted their help away. She doesn’t understand…keep her close, but do not trust her. Her pain is greater than her vision.

Again, the sound of the sea changed like an organ dropping into a funeral fugue.

Sympos worships Death but is driven by fear. Covered in shite, sleeping with animals, behaving in a way that forces isolation, yet first to heal those who needed help…he may not understand, but he is unlikely to betray and could be an ally.

For the first time in this dream, the sea was a sound of waves hitting the hull of the ship he was on.

Deveraux charming the locals, leading the carnival from one town to the next…what was his real goal? What was he searching for? You must find out something commanded.

Underwater again…on the harbor floor searching, looking for lost relics.

The Tattooist…what’s his name again? For some reason I can never remember it. He seems to “know” or rather he doesn’t seem inflamed by heretical conversation…or tattoos. He might be helpful.

The sun was coming up, the initial shimmering light breaking through the water to create what the in the shallow areas might be called false dawn.

The one called Gabe was an unknown. Who was he, besides careful and why was he here? None could be allowed to stop our progress.

Timm woke to the sound of the waves and that cold feeling of having recently being underwater; clothes and hair wet, taste of sea salt on his lips…why did he feel like he was supposed to remember something that had just slipped away.