Titus Roake Makes his Report

"Do they pose a risk to the carnival?"

Titus looked at the small man addressing him from behind spectacles, then looked to Professor Devereux.  "Pose a risk?  As far as I can tell, we saved the carnival.  Saved the carnival...and Emerald Bay."

The small man, the carnival's Bursar, Gershom Wilkins, squinted his eyes.  "Obviously...obviously.  I'll be more specific.  Where you find one witch...you find others.  Are there users of magic in that group that pose a threat to the carnival?"

Professor Devereux waved a hand at the bookish Bursar.  "Gershom...let's not interogate Mr. Roake.  I think he understands the serious threat Famke posed to our continued survival."  The Professor turned back to Titus, and smiled.  "Titus, we'd like to take care of any potential problems, before they become actual threats.  If someone among that clique uses magic...we'll offer them a severance and send them quietly on their way.  We're not piling wood around a stake, torch in hand."

Titus pursed his lips, and nodded his head.  "I spent time with them...faced some pretty long odds with them.  I saw no evidence that any of them use magic.  I believe Famke was the only one...and as Torvi has insisted, Famke never discussed her use of magic with the rest of the group."

Bursar Wilkins pointed a skinny finger at Titus.  "Are you sure?  Our continued existence depends on your answer."

A sneer crossed Titus' face, and he shook his head.  "I think when you are fighting a demon...a demon capable of ripping your head off with his bare hands, and who can teleport about at will...that would be the time a user of magic would risk exposing himself.  Shade, Timm, Gabe, and Sympos...I saw none of them used magic."

The Bursar's face twisted with contempt, and he started to ask a follow up question, but the Professor cut him off.  "Now, now.  I think that's enough.  Titus has given us a clear answer, and I trust him implicitly.  If he says none of them used magic, then...none of them used magic."

Titus chuckled darkly.  "Swords, daggers, hooked nets, whips and fire...yes.  But, no magic.  Can I go now?  I need to check on some folks."

The Professor leaned forward, and clasped his hands together on top of his crossed knee.  "Titus.  I imagine that such an experience would have formed some bonds between you and the others.  But, you have responsibilities with the Carnival.  A roustabout's job is never done, and Gods know we need our Bully Boys.  I need you to pull back from that clique a bit.  Focus on your job...focus on your boys.  With Frank gone, I'll need to you to step up more than ever before."

Titus nodded.  "I understand.  I won't let you down, Professor."

Devereux laughed.  "I'm not saying you can't ever get a drink with them, or perhaps keep them out of trouble...as you do with so many of our temperamental performers and workers.  I just mean, focus in on your Boys.  We need you now more than ever."

Titus stood and went to the door.  As he turned the knob, the stopped and turned.  "I looked into these folks as a favor to you, Professor.  For the Carnival.  I'm not a rat, and I won't be on Mr. Wilkins chain.  I'm my own man.  Don't expect me to do anything like this for you again."

The Professor nodded, and said with a smile, "I understand.  You be you, Titus.  That's what we need...and all we will ever ask."    

Titus closed the door behind him, and went below deck to check on those that the Quiet Man had held screaming in silence.