Experience Points - Heroes of Eldermont


Our XL spreadsheet for the Heroes of Eldermont campaign, set on the Crimson Coast.


    • Mark Stinson

      Mark!  Yes...it is no unreasonable to ask me to update XP's before the next game.  :-)

      I'll work on it this weekend.


      • Marcus Auerilius

        It looks like September was the last time xp was awarded, which might be enough time for T'na, and maybe the other level 10 PCs to get another level between the three sessions and interlude stories. Since we're heading into the battle to end all battles, any chance we could use the long rest/arrival at the coastal fortifications as a potential spot to level up?

        I know that it all hinges on there's 10k worth of xp since September, but five more hp and another spell would be helpful...I'm suspecting :)