Every Character Gets a Feat at 1st Level

Hey...I've got something cool for all of you. I'll add this to the new rule-set, so that its spelled out. But, EVERY CHARACTER GETS A FEAT AT 1ST LEVEL. Regardless of species. Humans get 2 feats at 1st level. These feats must be from the new rule-set. Please apply this to your existing characters. :-)

I found that a number of playing groups have this as a homebrew rule, and I think it helps differentiate new characters even more at 1st level.  Plus, with as many feats as our new rule-set has, it would be nice to get some of them into play.




    • Mark Stinson

      previously the only species able to have one feat at first level were humans. I have now given every species 1 feat at first level, allowing humans two feats at first level. I'm not sure how you're getting to 3 feats?  we can talk about it at the game though!

      • Marcus Auerilius

        I rolled Timm up as a variant human. Should I pick two feats as his starting feats and leave the one I chose for being a variant alone?