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How to use the Bogsy's dice rolling bot:

Dice roller. Roll with buttons, messages, slash commands, macros. Custom rolls and tables. Tons of features. (golem, maiden, parser)


(NEW) We have user-defined tables, slash commands, dice buttons, sending rolls to someone else, shortcuts with blanks, etc...

Bogsy's Dice bot is a dice assistant with named modifiers and quickrolls. If you're playing tabletop games with dice on discord, you can define quickrolls and modifiers to make rolling easier. Here's an example:

.WIS = +4
.Level = 9
.Expert = +4

.perception = d20+WIS+Level+Expert

Then you can roll a perception check like this:


and the bot responds like this:

Perception  =   1d20 {12} + WIS {4} + Level {9} + Expert {4} =  29

When your Level modifier changes, just update it and all rolls that use Level will update.

How to Talk to the Bot

The bot responds to slash commands, DMs, replies, and mentions.
You can also talk to it with a command prefix. It's dot (.) by default. Here's an example: '.3d6+2d8-5'

How to Roll Dice (/roll)

Use a dice string like this: '3d6+2d8-5'
Dice Tags

We have tags for dropping dice, rerolling dice, exploding dice, multiplying dice, and much more.

Here's an example: '8d6:dl2 + 5' will roll 8 dice and drop the lowest 2.
Roll Tags

We have tags for advantage and disadvantage (5e), for multiplying and dividing the result, for multiplying the number of dice rolls, for brief output, and tons more.

Here's an example: 'd20+5-d4.adv' applies advantage to the roll.
[9:46 AM]
Bogsy's dice Roller continued:

Named Modifiers

'str=-2' creates a new modifer called 'str'
Use it in a roll, like this: 'd20+str+3'
You can create modifiers just for you or for everyone in your server.


'attack=d20+str' creates a new quickroll called 'attack'
Use it in a roll, like this: 'attack'
You can add tags, like this: '.attack.x2.adv'
You can combine quickrolls and named modifiers in a dice string like this: 'sword_damage + sneak_attack + d8.x2'
You can create quickrolls just for you or for everyone in your server.


Use the /buttons command to bring up a custom list of buttons, just for you or for everyone to use.

Lots more Features

Roll on a table, customize the look of your rolls, send your rolls to someone else, perform multiple rolls all at once (e.g., '6x 4d6:dl1' to roll stats), create shortcuts that combine quickrolls and other features, get a success or fail emoji, etc.