Post Everything WITHIN a Group and Other Tips

So, brand new website format and brand new way of communicating.  Let me share a few tips, that will help keep the page organized and easy to use.

1.  When posting on the website, always do so from inside a group.  If you start a discussion, start it within a group.  Writing a story?  Post the blog inside the appropriate group.  Posting a file?  Upload the file inside a group.  I can't change the settings of the website to require all activity to happen within groups, but we can all work together to keep our content posted or uploaded within the appropriate group.

2.  If you need to include a photo in a story, you can upload the photo to a photo album (in the group), and then link to that photo in your story.  It will appear right in the story, and be safely hosted here on the site.  You can also include artwork that is hosted elsewhere in your stories, using the link to the image you want to use.  But, there are no guarantees that the artwork hosted somewhere else will remain up and available.

3.  Using the ACTIVITY tab.  If you really want to see all the latest activity, posts, uploads, and on the "ACTIVITY" tab at the top of the page.  You will see everything that's recently happened in the group, and you can "like" and comment on everything from there. 

If you have any questions about the site, just let me know!