Dark Streets of Daruth DELAYED

Big things going down over in the Heroes of Eldermont game...potentially world-changing events.  And for this reason, I'm going to delay scheduling another Daruth game until some of these big games are behind us, and we see how that shakes out for the world.

To be honest, I started the Daruth game to be dark and gritty, and (this is my fault), I really didn't have the rules I needed in place to actually make the game-play dark and gritty.  I can describe things as dark and gritty all day long, and make the game's subject matter dark and gritty, but if the rules are screaming HIGH FANTASY the whole time, nothing I do will fix that.

I still have big plans for the Daruth game.  Plans that will draw all of the players from the Eldermont game, over to the Daruth game at some point.  Plans that will be a little shocking.  So, stick with me here, and hold onto your patience, and I'll pay it off in the coming months.