Back in Business with Roll20!!!

It is fucking ridiculous how much trouble I have had with using Roll20.  It worked so well early on, and then the video and audio issue arose, and you guys could not see or hear me...and I could not see or hear you.  I used two different computers to access Roll20.  I used two different accounts.  I tried by Firefox and Chrome (the only two browsers they recommend).  I made a new Test World, just to see if my existing worlds were corrupted or something.  I went through 3 different checklists of things to check in order to make it work.  I fiddled with the settings.  I turned off my virus protection.  I erased all of my browser extentions, and cleared my browser cache.  So, tonight...I started filling out a bug report, in the hopes that the Roll20 people could help me.

But, at the last minute, I thought...why not try Microsoft Edge?  I mean, it is a piece of shit browser, but why not?  I've done everything else.  And, what do you know?  It actually worked.  So, the only way I could make Roll20 work, was to use some browser they don't recommend using.  I have no idea why this is the case.  I have no idea why this worked.  Maybe you guys do, but I don't.

But, this is good news.  We can actually use Roll20 again.  For fuck's sake.  Our Jan 24th game will be on Roll20.  Dice rolls, video, and audio...all on Roll20, like it should be.  :-)