Everyone Should have a Back-Up Character Rolled Up

All players are going to want to have at least one backup character. This campaign is going to be a little harsher and more gritty. So, having a back-up character you are interested in eventually playing lessens the sting if your 1st character ends up cold and still in a puddle of his/her own blood and shit. 🙂

We can embed the back-up character in the Carnival as a member, but you will have no real control over the back-up character until there becomes a need.  You can write interludes about them, but during game-time, I control the embedded back up characters.

Or, you can roll up a carnival-ready character, that is not yet a member of the Carnival, but can join the Carnival shortly after any potential demise of a main character. 

Anyhow...have a 2nd character thought up and rolled up by at least the 2nd game night of this campaign, if you would.  Better to have it by the first game-night, but having it by the 2nd game night will be fine.  :-)



    • Chris Snevets

      We have Bert, who knows everyone. Mark is the exotic one. Jay will Fuck your girlfriend, but we're oddly okay with that. Ross will cast Fireball, below deck, but we're okay with it because he saves everybody. I'll make some sinister deal where everyone makes it out and I die; Moriarty dead, Stonejaw Probably dead, Bastille soon to be dead. At least Bastille will have some friends.

      • Marcus Auerilius

        Is it okay for us to conspire as PCs? e.g. we know each other for some reason or another already and as such don't snitch about 'secrets' because we know "Elias is a half-elf, and Percinitus is a servant of a dark angel with talking shrunken heads, but we both know Bastille, and Elias always brings hot chicks, and we work well together as a team, and all the other candidates are dead or undead!!!" or do we have to wait for that until we start live? 

        Also, I'm both excited and scared to start a level 1 PC. Shitballs, that's one bad hit for any class!