A FAVOR - Some Old Characters

A favor from each of you if possible. I would love to know about 2 to 3 of your favorite old player characters. Characters that you really enjoyed playing, and those games just ended, and we're really not sure where they are at or what they are doing now.

1. Character Name, Race, Age, appearance, favorite equipment or items, or any thing else that could help me picture the PC.

2. Describe the character's personality, quirks, morality, style, battle yells, or anything that further helps me understand the character.

3. Perhaps share with me what you think that character is up to now. I will give 0.1 game experience for each character, up to 3 characters from each player. And you'd be helping me out with something that might turnout cool!



    • Bert Godding

      Lestat -  This was a wizard character that I had played with Mark years ago, in his Mensa group (I was NOT a member.  They let me join in based upon charity and pity).  This is the same Lestat that is the White Chancellor of Swaldune now.  Back then, he was a chaotic neutral wizard.  He was a Swalduni, but I didn't know what that all meant except that he had white hair.  He enjoyed messing with his fellow party members,  so much so that he ended up an NPC villain.  The party members were oblivious at first, even after the Ferryman of the river of the dead said that he felt like Lestat was a "brother."
      One time, Lestat turned invisible and instigated a fight between drunks in a bar and the party's cleric.  As the cleric readied to flee, Lestat quietly moved a chair behind him.  He turned to run, missed his DEX roll and fell over the chair.  The drunks attacked, and the cleric screamed that he was the demon Rakron, killed one of the drunks with magic, and made his escape.  Lestat later bought the bar and renamed it the Mad Monk. 


      • Marcus Auerilius

        This might be a stretch...but here's my 3rd

        I was in a campaign in my freshman year of high school with friends from another high school. I don't remember the character's name, but it was a half giant demi god of some type. It was a skill based system, where we all had stats like in DnD, but then just skills. I played a demi god who had the skill "all". A minor skill like dagger would cost maybe 50xp to raise from 0 to 1 and then prob 100 to go to lvl 2.  A major category skill would be 1k. To get to lvl 2 of "all", I had to get 100 times the xp for a minor skill of the same level. lvl 2 would be 10k...not sure if I did that math correctly.

        It was the ultimate "jack of all trades" concept and he would probably never reach lvl 4 in the skill for the time frame of the campaign. It was a large group and having someone who had a 10% chance of being successful/right on anything was a good benefit and the frequent fumbles made for some fun roleplaying. 

        • Mark Stinson

          Bumping this as a reminder.  John, Mark, and Jay have entries posted below.  Bert and John are in the batter's circle.  :-)


          • Marcus Auerilius

            Mjorn Dragonscar

            Dwarf Slayer (WFRP)

            Mjorn emerged from the forest on the the less travelled road in an area of the Empire known for bandits and goblins with no memory of his past. Bright red unkept hair and a shortish for a dwarf red beard that looked recently burnt. He rarely wore armor in the beginning and the very large set of three parallel scars running the whole length of his chest were the source of his last name...he had no clan. He and the party he ran with travelled for years together. Growing from nothing to major players in the world. At the end of the campaign, Mjorn was wearing a breastplate and wielding a rune weapon of immense power...but also battling beings of immense power. Major Demons, Dragons, etc....so much so, that he and another character basically transcended...becoming minor powers in the world...not necessarily immortal, but more than the mortals they had started as and not bound to a higher power...they were sort of independent actors on the stage the gods played their games.

            Where would he be now. On another plane participating in the final battle or practice for it (some Valhalla type eternal battle type thing) and occasionally returning to the world for some great task that he has been called to undertake.

            • Marcus Auerilius

              Remmington Goldmont III

              Remmington was a 1970s cheesy cartoon super hero with a huge chin, flowing black hair kept cropped...almost blue it was so dark. He was LG Pally to the extreme and wouldn't hesitate to run head first into dangerous situations. "What?! Injustice?! Charge!" sort of attitude. As I recall, the shadier members of the party would oftern endevour to keep certain details from Remmington to avoid such instances. He ended up weilding Savior and after a while, lost a battle of wills with the sword. When he awoke, and entire village had been killed by his own hand...he became a fallen paladin at that moment.

              I don't remember how much later, but after Mark moved back to KC, he mentioned that he was using Remmington as a basis for an NPC named Mad Remmy. I thought that was a great idea and wrote some stories about Remmy, the fallen paladin, and how he lost the sword eventually....Mad Remmy, weilding a huge battle axe, cause he won't use a sword anymore, seeking death, but never finding it, was as far as I got with ideas for him.

              I like the way Remmy turned out when we encountered him in the other campaign...and that he eventually redeemed himself. I don't know if I would have been that kind.


              • Jay

                Not one of my characters


                he is human, older but of indeterminate age, mostly bald with a full white beard and mustache.  He often wears sunglasses and sandals and while traveling a large tortoise shell on his back.  He walks with a cane but doesn’t appear to have other weapons.  He is a lecherous old pervert, and an alcoholic.  He often seems a doddering older fool, but is very serious when it comes to battle.  He would be a monk

                • Chris Snevets

                  Bungaling Bob, Thief, Human, Male. He bungled every burgle that he burgled. No, burglary was not his calling. He was no burglar.

                  He once failed at a mission and got shot with a crossbow by the city guard. Close to death, he climbed a tree in the middle of the city where he stayed for a week!

                  I don't think I rolled so poorly in all my rpg career.

                  But, you have to give it to him. He keeps trying to make Bank by stealing. Make plan. Break into mark. Guards find Bob. Bob tries to fight. Bob gets injured. Bob runs away. The End.

                  Today Bob burgles anything not tied down. And, living poorly with a POS or world view.





                  • Jay

                    Lamply Purvis Fweebling

                    Lamply is a fop.  A nobleman’s son.  He has the frame of good genes and the girth of good meals.  he has fine blond hair he keeps immaculately groomed and wears fine brightly colored silk shirts.  He is spoiled and a coward, he believes himself superior to almost everyone else.  Although he knows good manners, when around commoners he rarely sees the need to treat his lessers with respect.  He is racist, classist, ageist, and feels no need to hide it.  He will often try to have other members of the party carry his things, do small chores for him, and definitely is happy to let them go into danger first.  When danger arises he will often run if he doesn’t throw up or wet himself.  After that he blacks out and the beast within him takes over.  He does not yet know his family’s secret or why he keeps waking up surrounded by dead bodies

                    • Jay

                      Gustave De Fournier

                      he is a tall dashing man in his early 30s, a traditional musketeer, pencil thin mustache wielding a rapier and a dashing smile.  He is a lothario, and plunges towards danger as confidently as a man who is too stupid to understand the risk.  
                      often when meeting someone he will express just how lucky they are to be in his presence.  He is fiercely loyal and practically fearless and extremely self confident.  Think Lancelot from Monty Python crossed with the Scarlet Pimpernel

                      • Chris Snevets

                        Captain Lockwood - Samurai, Human, Gaijin (non-asian). Wielded a magic Katana. Studied the Bushido code even though he was not Asian. (So did the player.) 

                        He was tested by the regional magistrate as their local army was called up for war. Lockwood bravely addressed the magistrate, whom tested him with a brutal series of Samurai related questions. He forced Lockwood into an impossible situation. One that tested his honor to point of seppuku! Captain Lockwood performed the ritual and ended his life.

                        However, the magistrate required it, as Lockwood was Gaijin, and  to ensure Lockwood was worthy. Therefore, he was healed before he left the world. Once it was explained, he understood and felt, more than ever, that he is Samurai! 

                        • Chris Snevets

                          Lord Greystoke - Human, Male, Cavalier/Paladin, Dragonslayer. Head of red dragon hangs from his banner. DM: Hindman, world of Greyhawk. Was captured and buggered by his arch enemy an anti-paladin. Held to his beliefs strove for the chivalrous road. Nothing could withstand him charging with lance on mount 

                          • Chris Snevets

                            Elric Argain - F\M\T, Elf, Male. First mortal to wield Savior on Kempin. Once was reincarnated as a Centaur. Returned to former self thru polymorph and permanency. Follower of chaos, but knows the power of destiny. Master tactician. 

                            He lost an eye to a clever spring loaded trap in a spy glass!

                            Elric travelled the realm, meeting with leaders to build an army for it was an end of an age.