My "Forever" Rules

On and off, I have worked on various customized rule-sets for my games.  I've taken a couple of runs at creating a rule-set from scratch.  And I'm started, stopped, and started again on editing D&D 5e to match what I want. 

What's missing?  Options.  Details.  I want more options for characters, but I want those options to match the tone (somewhat) of our early gaming experienced with 1st and 2nd, and even 3rd Edition.  I prefer the 5e core, but I want the feel of those older games.  I want bards to be bards, and fighters to be fighters, and wizards to be wizards.  Lots of variety in each class, so that the players don't feel constrained, but not as much blurring of the lines between classes.  I want detailed rules on crafting, poisons, herbs, weapons, skills, etc.  All built around the 5e core rules.

Why a comprehensive rule-set?  Well, having piecemeal table-rules is confusing, and things easily get lost or are difficult to reference.  You shouldn't have to look for the cool rules on poisons we are using.  They should be right in the rulebook.  You shouldn't have to wonder if a subclass is kosher or not for the campaign.  It should be right in the rulebook.

So, over the next few months...probably the next year, I will be assembling this rule-set for use with my games.  If I'm removing some things, I think you will recognize that I'm adding back 10 things for every 1 thing I remove. 

When the rule-set is done, I will provide you with one PDF that contains all of it.  It will be bookmarked for easy reference, and everything will be in that one PDF book.  I am also building it to got into a beautifully bound hardback rulebook.  That rulebook will be provided at cost to any player that wants to have one.  Nothing beats having one rulebook that contains everything you need.

As this goes forward, I'll share parts of what I'm building with you.  And I would love your feedback.  What appears unbalanced?  What could be improved?  What is missing?  I would love this to be a group project in a sense, so that when it is done, you feel we've put together something really useful and a great addition to our game.