Path to Victory on this Rule-Set

I've tackled a reworked rule-set before, and stalled out on it.  It is such a big task, that it can be a little overwhelming.  In this case, I'm building on work I completed the last time I tried, and I have a new-found energy to get this done.  Plus, I have a plan.

---So, first I finish the Classes and Subclasses.
---Then I tackle the Races, and the methods for generating Ability Scores.

---Wrap in the Backgrounds.
---Next I format the Minor Skills Rules, and make Kits and Tools make sense.
---Then finalize the Feats, including how they tie into advanced uses of Kits.
---After that it is expanded Equipment options, and Weapons effects.
---Then Herbalism, Crafting, and Poisons.
---Then I pretty much copy and paste combat and action economy, with a few tweaks and additions.
---And then I'm done.

That will probably fill 500 pages, which is my limit on printing a hardback book.  Other than class spell lists and an expanded selection of every spell in the game, those 500 pages will cover how to create a character, flesh it out, equip it, advance it up the level-chain, and take nearly every action in the game.  All in one book.

Then, I'll start working on a book of Magic.  Essentially all the class spell-lists and every RAW spell, plus a wide swath of additional spells.  But, that's another project...and I'll do that when this one's done.