People, Places, and Things

This is a glossary of NPC’s, place-names, and other stuff from this campaign.  I will be adding things regularly as well.  If you want someone, someplace, or somethings added to this glossary, simply post it in a comment, and I'll add it.  Thanks!  :-)
ADDISON DIGBY, COMMANDER - Considered to be the founder of Daruth, in the year 30 AE, Commander Addison Digby arrived with five ships full of troops, and built Fort Digby on the large island just off the coast at Daruth.
AERUNI - A term used for the racial group common in the Sands of the Aerunes to the south and east of Daruth. (In Earth-terms, they would be some sort of pan-Arabic mish-mash of cultures).
ALNABIDH WINE - An amber colored wine made by the Aeruni. It is known for its high alcohol content (it is fortified), and its quite popular in the poorer parts of Daruth.
BALOT AL-RABBANI - Member of the "Long Knives" and an Aeruni assassin.  He is tall with silver hair creeping in at his temples.  His large crooked nose hangs over his dark goatee, also flecked with silver.  He was released from a Black Company holding cell by our heroes, and helped them fight their way through the undead hoards in Daruth.  He gave Elias Black the name Hakim al-Rabbani, and welcomed Elias into his house (family) as a sign of thanks and acceptance.
BASTILLE THE BASTARD - Sebastian Lionheart, a knight of the Serenity Order in the Feron-Jacobe Empire. There are rumors that he was deployed with a unit of other Serenity Now Knights to “set the city right,” but only Bastille the Bastard arrived. It is a mystery as to what happened to his fellow knights, and it seems that even Bastille is having trouble putting all the pieces together.
BETTE - A skinny, and often dirty, 15-year-old female street urchin that does favors for Martinique. She lives on the back step of a business in Copper Alley. She seems to be a free-lancer though, and has done favors for the adventuring party.

BLACK COMPANY - A guild of thieves and assassins in Daruth. They were started by the Blackwood crime family, which was uprooted from the Empire and transported to the ends of the earth (Daruth) by legal authorities of the Crown. Otto Blackwood, Elias Black’s adopted Uncle, is a member of the Black Company.

BURNSIDE - The proprietor of The Sea Chest.
CANDLEMAKER, THE - The adventuring party’s mysterious benefactor. He is said to be an important business man in Daruth, and he is paying the party a monthly stipend, and providing them with an apartment above the Slippery Whip. In return, the adventuring party is obligated to do occasional favors or jobs for him, no questions asked. Martinique is the party’s contact with the Candlemaker.
CAPTAIN ROCCO - Captain of the Strega del Mare and frequent patron of the Drowned Man Tavern
CHAIN, THE - The Chain was a colony of the Feron-Jacobe Empire that cannot be reached by sea, because of the close proximity to The Cauldron. Only a long and dangerous land route, that begins at Daruth, allows access to these far-away settlements. Since Demon’s Fall 3-year-ago, the Chain has struggled to survive without the support of the Feron-Jacobe Empire.
CHEIMEKA IBO - It is said that he was a great war chief among his people, and it is said he remains an unrepentant cannibal in his latter years. He rules with an iron fist, but with a wisdom that kept him in good relations with the representatives of the Feron-Jacobe Empire that funded his rule for so long. Prior to Demon’s Fall, the allegiance of Daruth to the Feron-Jacobe Empire was unquestionable. The remote location of Daruth shielded them from much of the war-stance between the Crimson Coast and the Feron-Jacobe Empire. After Demon’s Fall, Daruth had tentative relations with the Grey King’s government in Wather, but when Jack Skull founded the Kingdom of Toroga, Cheimeka Ibo quickly formalized relations with the Skull, and fell in line with his rule.

COPPER ALLEY - A dark alley in the Little Citadel portion of town. Bette lives on the back step of a business in this alley.
CRAGEN - Head bouncer/security at the Sea Chest
DARUKS - see “Takti.”
DEMON’S FALL - In the year 127 AE, armies from the Feron-Jacobe Empire and the Grey King’s army gathered at Port Fikes to do battle for control over the Crimson Coast. A demon, SHE Who Suckles a 1000 Undead Upon her Teats, attacked both armies in an attempt to exact revenge upon the World of Kempin. The Emperor was killed by SHE, and thus ended all designs the Feron-Jacobe Empire had on the Crimson Coast. The Empire pulled all of its military assets out, though many soldiers, seriously affected by the loss of their Emperor, mustered out or deserted, and stayed behind. This was 3 years before the campaign’s beginning.
DROWNED MAN TAVERN - A tavern near the docks that is frequented by sailors. If you’re not a sailor or known to them, they are unlikely to let you inside.
DRY LEAF, THE - Rustika shop. They sell tobak for smoking, snuffing, and oral use. There is a front room with both tables and floor cushions, along with hooka that customers can use with the product they have purchased in the shop. The 2nd room is the shop itself, with all manner of rustika products for sale. Martinique can often be found here, meeting with people, and “holding court.”
ELIAS BLACK - A thief born in Daruth from an Aeruni mother and an unknown elf. His mother’s people killed her upon his birth, and Elias was adopted by the Blackwood Clan, and raised to be a thief. He broke with his family years ago, changed his name to Black, and works independently in Daruth. Although half-elven, he can quite easily pass for a human.  After years of exile from his mother's people, Elias was given the Aeruni name "Hakim al-Rabbani" by the Long Knives assassin, Balot al-Rabbani as a sign of acceptance and thanks.
EMIR BAS (pronounced "boss") - An Aeruni caravan leader, whom our heroes released from a Black Company holding cell during the undead invasion of Daruth.  He is an older man, with skin made leather by the sun, and gray hair.  He held his own during the fight through the streets of Daruth, and was possibly taken to safety by Balot al-Rabbani and other Aeruni once our heroes reached the Slippery Whip.
FARHAD ESSA - Owner and manager of Farhad’s Pleasure Den, a house of ill-repute that features exclusively Aeruni whores.
FATIMA - An Aeruni whore who works out of Farhad’s Pleasure Den, and is reportedly Elias Black’s favorite lady of the night.

FAVAR - Representative for the Chieftain of Daruth. Known animal abuser and big jerk.

FINE PHIL - A patron of the Slippery Whip.  He maintains a regular booth there in the corner, where he makes deals and holds "court."  It is Phil's reputation that he can acquire whatever you'd like for a price, and he dabbles in fencing as well.  He is a handsome fellow, dresses nice, and has an easy manner.  But, even a short conversation with Phil will leave most realizing he may be the smartest man they have ever met.
FIRST LINK STABLES - Run by a one-handed orc named Kaal, this large stable facility supplies beasts of burden for those traveling south along The Chain (thus the name). The stables also supplies beast more suited to long desert journeys, for those traveling deep into the Sands of the Aerunes. A toothless stable clerk named Moke greets most customers, with Kaal only involving himself in supplying large expeditions.

FORT DIGBY - A walled fort built on an island just off the coastline at Daruth. Named for the Commander who brought the troops to this location and who oversaw its construction. It was built on top of ancient ruins already located on the island, and Fort is the oldest portion of the city of Daruth. It is also where Chieftain Cheimeko Ibo lives.
FRANKLIN COPPER - Former manager, and now owner, of the Imperial Trading Company. He is an enterprising man, who rarely misses a good business opportunity. He has short brown hair and a bushy Imperial mustache, and always wears a white apron when he is working.
HAKIM AL-RABBANI - See Elias Black.

HASHAN - Legendary leader of the "Long Knives" in Daruth.  He is infamous, never seen in public, and believed by most to be a myth.  But, he is real.  He is in charge.  And he is dangerous.  He is "more real than the mountains, more merciless than the sea, and more ruthless than the storm."
HEADBESHRUNKEN - An actual shrunken head that Bastille the Bastard carries around with him. Bastille speaks to the head, and seems to hear responses back. It is unsettling at first, but after being around him a bit, you get used to it.
IMPERIAL TRADING COMPANY - In 127 AE, when the Feron-Jacobe Empire pulled out of Daruth, many thought this large stone trading post would close. But, the manager of the post, Franklin Copper, laid claim to the building and its contents with a group of his loyal employees. They prevented the looting of the building, and opened shop the next day. Franklin has since secured a steady supply of goods from the Kingdoms of Toroga and Eldermont, and this continues to be one of the best supplied stores in Daruth.
JACKO - The day bartender at the Slippery Whip. He’s in his 20’s, with long golden hair, and very handsome. He helps Lily run the girls that work in the building next door.
KAAL - The half-orc owner of the First Link Stables. He lost his hand in 130 AE to the bite of a Great Strider captured from a fire-newt patrol in the Red Jungle. Kaal is a good businessman, and though he lacks generosity, he does keep his word and fulfills his business agreements. Kaal took the loss of his hand as an opportunity, and had a fairly ornate and nasty hook forged for it. This along with the glowing elemental tattoo on his chest, sets him apart from most crowds.
KWAME - The 12-year-old “Little Chieftain” of a street gang of young boys called the Wilasha's. They live in the ruins of an old warehouse near the docks, and survived through stealing and doing odd jobs of a questionable nature.
LILY - She is the madam at the Slippery Whip. She’s in her early forties, and either powders here hair, or wears a powdered wig. The dresses in a gaudy fashion, far beyond her station or her wealth. She is a sweet woman, but known to be very cunning. Jacko, the day bartender, assists her in running the girls. Lily never misses a thing.
LONG KNIVES - (or SKAKIN TAWILA in Aeruni). A guild of thieves and assassins in Daruth. They are almost all Aeruni, with only a few talented exceptions. They keep their secrets well, and are a mysterious and arcane group, prone to ornate membership rituals and the subject of many nasty rumors.
MARTINIQUE - In his middle-20’s, this gentleman is the result of an Imperial father and a Takti mother. He is handsome, in an exotic way, and spends a lot of his time in The Dry Leaf, rustika shop. Martinique works for the Candlemaker, and is the adventuring party’s connection to this mysterious benefactor. Martinique clearly knows a lot about what’s happening in town, and with his contacts, can find out about anything he wants to know.
MOKE - A toothless stable clerk at the First Link Stables, his breath is as sour as his disposition. Moke is human, and his dark-skin suggests he is a mix of Takti and Aeruni races. He is rude, crass, and unsurprisingly even less kind than usual to non-humans and those from the Empire.
OTTO BLACKWOOD - A member of the Black Company, and the adopted “uncle” of Elias Blackwood.
PERCINIOUS - Percinious Godwin Thelonius Armitage Pelonby is a recent arrival to Daruth, from the Feron-Jacobe Empire. He’s a knight, and a tad self-important, but he seems to be on an important mission to bring Order to the diverse city.

PLAVO - The regular bard in the Slippery Whip. He dresses in an outlanish outfit, divided into quarters, with 4 different colors. He has dark hair, swarthy skin, dark beard stubble, and he’s known for his singing, his juggling, and his off-color marionette shows. He is a fearful man, and enormously kind and generous to anyone who is not a threat to him, or who protects him from potential threats.
SEA CHEST - A tavern, inn and secure storage facility (think safety deposit boxes) in Daruth run by Burnside.
SEBASTIAN LIONHEART - see “Bastille the Bastard.”
SERENITY ORDER OF KNIGHTHOOD - An extremist order in the Feron-Jacobe Empire. They are a fringe group, with few ties to legitimate temples of churches. Most holy authorities steer clear of even acknowledging their existence.
SHAXIROS BAVARAX - A red-scaled Dragonborn who wields a greataxe and rides a giant red-horned water beetle mount named Rinxao. Shax works at at First Link Stables, and sleeps in a loft above his workplace.
SKAKIN TAWILA - See “Long Knives.”
SMYTHE - (Pronounced with a long “I”). The night bartender at the Slippery Whip. Wears a stained leather apron. He has gnarled hands and a scarred face. He has short grey hair, that is thinning on top. It appears he may be a retired street fighter or least that’s the rumors. He’s not particularly nice, but he is considered fair.
TAKTI - The racial group most commonly found in the Red Jungle. (In Earth-terms, they would be some sort of pan-African mish-mash of cultures.) They are called the Daruk’s by the Aeruni people, and the town’s name of “Daruth” originates from this nomenclature.
TATCHKA - A ghastly figure of a man with a deep resonating voice and deep brown skin stretched over a gaunt frame of bone and muscle.Nagaun(Chief Advisor?) to Chemeiko Ibo.
TZANTZAMAN - Fugitive wanted for the terrorizing of Daruth citizens. Dabbles in Arcane arts. Could possibly be a giant flying cave fisher or wererat. However, there is no proof of a monster. But, keep your wits about you. It does carry shrunken heads. This we know for sure. We will be boosting patrols during this time of need. Merely as a precaution.
TOROGA, KINGDOM OF - The Kingdom of Toroga consists of the Western portion of the Crimson Coast and included the town of Daruth. The capital of the Kingdom of Toroga is the pirate city of Port Toroga, and the Kingdom is ruled by a pirate king by the name of Jack Skull.
WYLAMANDI “BILL E” NGIGE - Native to Daruth and recently orphaned. Bill E has joined Kwame and the Wilasha’s. Friends with Bette and some of the kids in Copper Alley.
Z’AMATI - The Z’amati is a large stringed instrument. Similar to a Cello, it is played while sitting and with a bow. Unlike a Cello, the Z’amati has five levers on the upper neck and is slightly larger. It is typically played as part of a quartet, but is not uncommon to be heard as part of a duet, symphony or just played solo.  For ideas as to what a Z’amati looks and sounds like.
  1. 1. Stylistic. What it looks like.
  2. 2. Stylistic. Orchestral/Solo.
  3. 3. Instrument style and look. Has fewer levers than this example.
  4. 4. Stylistic. Style Shax knows.
  5. 5. Stylistic. Style Shax knows.

Notes: I stole the name “Amati”. Amati is the name of the family/person who “evidently” invented the violin. They are considered on par with Stradivarius and other famous instrument makers.