Time to Take a Personal Hand

Lestat paced back and forth on the Terrace, a chill breeze blowing in off the bay and tussling his white hair.  The White Chancellor's lodgings were high in a square tower, and the black polished stone of the building reflected the sky, the clouds, nearby buildings and the rough Cold Sea beyond the bay.

Lestat made a conscious effort to stop pacing, and leaned on the railing of the terrace.  Hundreds of Dragon ships were anchored in the bay and beyond.  A fleet built to end the status quo.  A fleet built to end the Empires of men, and build something new upon their ashes.  As planned, nothing could stand in the way of the Cold Sea Powers this time.  Swaldune and Norlund's combined forces should be more than enough to break the Feron-Jacobe Empire, and bring the Mainland under Swalduni rule.

But, something was nagging at Lestat.  It has started with that message from King Eldermont regarding the Nameless Emperor, or whatever he was calling himself these days, taking the sword Savior from Squee.  Kempin's boon had played a major role in stopping the Cold Sea Powers invasion of the Mainland some 150 years ago, and now the sword was in play again.

But, there was something more worrisome on Lestat's mind.  What was Eldermont's role in all this.  Lestat had been made aware that Eldermont had joined the effort to defend the Mainland, with ships, with troops, and with the Heroes of Eldermont leading the way.  Lestat smiled.  He though he had a handle on the wild-card that was Eldermont.

The White Chancellor shook his head.  "No, no, no.  Not good at all."  Lestat had two layers of spies employed in Eldermont.  There was one layer that Lestat had positioned to pose difficulties for Graham, King Vax's spymaster.  This layer of spies had no idea they were sacrificial lambs, meant to both keep the spymaster busy, and to give him a sense of counter-intelligence success.

The second layer was completely isolated from the first, so that one could not lead to the other.  And this second layer was cleverly hid.  Much too clever even for Graham.  And with no ill-will or violence intended, this information network fell well beneath Rindwind's notice.  Lestat chuckled.  The crowning achievement of this intelligence operation had been the Countess Winter's idea...keep the spies unaware they are spies, and they can never be discovered.  

Lestat looked far out to sea, at the distant horizon.  So, why on Kempin were the Heroes of Eldermont seeking the Eater of Worlds?  What a dangerous gambit!  Lestate was aware of the prophesy regarding the beast, and he was well aware of the Caenochens beneath the sea.  But, the sheer hubris of thinking that the Caenochens would give them the beast...and that then the Heroes would be able to control such a creature...it was incredible!

Lestat smiled at the thought, but it was a nervous smile.  There was an agitation him.  A nagging worry that he found impossible to shed.

No...no...he must ensure the Heroes of Eldermont fail.  It was time he took a personal hand in the matter.