Stonejaw's Exile

There was little reason for Stonejaw to like the little people's Castles, Keeps and houses. He didn't fit and wasn't welcome; he was known to break a thing or two. The more serious offenses were broken foots, hands and expensive furniture. However, the reason for his exile, his self exile, was his disease, his curse. The rest made it all easier to relocate to the Badlands, outside of Eldermont.

He sought trees that were fire resistant, didn't decay and were two to three feet in diameter. They were like cypress or teak, very dense. Stonejaw cut them by hand and drove them into the ground with brute force. He wasn't a woodsman and definitely not an architect. So, he made a simple rectangle where the front wall was taller than the back for watershed. The floor was made with large buried boulders.

Stonejaw didn't know how to make a door. So, he chiseled a rolling stone that most men couldn't budge. He did it in secret, before anyone could suggest that there were craftsmen in town that would be happy to help. A growl could be heard at the mention.

There were no windows. Between Stonejaw's 60 mile radius detection of evil and Wave's ability to sense anything advancing, they weren't needed. Safer for everyone else that way. There is a roof log that is on a hinge to access the roof from the inside. There is a weakness with one of his secrets. He glows massively evil for a variety of reasons. Even though he is not evil, these facts remain; wish to speak with undead and detect evil, wish to control Lycanthropy, and of course the Cards of Power tattoos. Then there's the necrotic damage effect. that can't be good. Stonejaw is an unnatural being, a monster by any other name.