The FUTURE of the Heroes of Eldermont

I'm going to share my plan, with as few spoilers as possible.  It is clear things are coming to a head in the Heroes of Eldermont campaign, and there are big changes ahead.  The World of Kempin is at war, and the Kingdom of Eldermont is playing a role in that war.  It is a world war between the Cold Sea Powers, and the most powerful empires and nations willing to stand against them.  The Corpse King is out there...beneath everything...wanting his revenge for being locked away for so many years.  He wants his due.  And it seems that the Fate of the Gods, "Fata Deaum," is at hand.  So, here is my multi-part plan:

1.  The Heroes of Eldermont will be our focus over the next 3 to 4 games.  Big events will happen.  Crisis will pile atop crisis, and the world's destruction is in the balance.  What will happen?  How will it turn out?  Who will survive?  We don't know yet.  We just can't know until we play it, and see how it turns out.  But, at the end of those 3 to 4 games, one thing is sure.  The world will never be the same every again.  That moves us to part 2 of my plan.


2.  We will then shift the entire group's focus to the Daruth Campaign.  Players who have not yet played in that campaign, will be pulled into that game fairly easily.  And we'll play in Daruth for 2 to 3 games.  This will focus on the aftermath of the Great War, and what life is like after the events of that war.  These 2 to 3 games will be about survival...and finding your way in a whole new world of trouble...


3.  We will start a new group of characters, in a new part of the world of Kempin.  This will be after a time-jump, and decades have passed since the Great War.  The world is still suffering the effects of that war, and it is a much darker place.  It is very likely a Dark Ages era in the world, and this will be a little more Low Fantasy.  Still fun.  Still adventurous.  Still lots of character development and challenges.  But, just a little more scaled back than we normally see from 5e.  This will be a new campaign, with new characters, in a new area, but it will definitely be affected by everything that has come before in our existing campaign right now.


4.  At some point in the future, we will return to the Heroes of Eldermont, and explore what happened to them after the Great War.  I won't go into this a lot, because their fate has not been decided.  We'll decide that when we play our game.  But, in the future, we will return to our Heroes now and again, as a part time thing.

I've be really vague here, because I'm trying to avoid spoilers.  There are very cool and exciting things that might happen.  There are ways the War could end that are very dynamic and cool.  Potentially.  Depending on the decisions you make, etc.  But, I wanted to at least share the framework for what I'm planning over the coming year.



After a lot of thought, I'm currently changing the focus of my rule re-write of the 5e rules, to focus on an EPIC-10 approach.  I've done a lot of research on this.  And I'm confident this can work.  In "Part 3" above, we'll have much slower character advancement.  But, we'll have more options for character development than we've ever had.  4 times more Backgrounds than vanilla 5e.  We'll have over twice as many Feats to choose from.  There will be specific rules for poison, herbalism, and crafting that will be well developed and fun to mess with.  We'll also have a revised weapon system, that makes every weapon more unique. 

What we'll end up with, are very well-developed characters, going on amazing adventures, and having to be very creative and thoughtful about how to succeed.  More about this topic will start showing up in the "Kempin Rules Project" group of this website.

Please comment or ask any questions you have.