Background Information Gathered about Shadowhaven


In the hidden city of thieves, Shadowhaven, a notorious figure named "The Guardian" has long been believed to be the city's most feared and respected crime lord. The Guardian is rumored to control all criminal activities in Shadowhaven, maintaining a careful balance of power and ensuring that the thieves' code is upheld.



Here are seven criminal factions in the city of thieves, Shadowhaven, along with their names and descriptions:

------1.  The Obsidian Syndicate (Led by the Artisan).  This faction specializes in high-stakes heists and art thefts. Led by a charismatic and enigmatic figure known as "The Artisan," they are renowned for their meticulous planning and ability to steal even the most well-guarded treasures. The Obsidian Syndicate operates from a hidden gallery that serves as both a front and a showcase for their stolen artworks.  You have no leads thus far on where this hidden gallery might be, and you have not been invited to it.

------2.  The Crimson Shadows (Led by the Whisper).  A guild of master assassins and spies, the Crimson Shadows operate in the shadows, taking contracts from wealthy clients and political figures. Led by the enigmatic "Whisper," their trademark is leaving behind a crimson-colored feather as a calling card after every successful hit. Rumors suggest that they hold a complex network of informants and undercover agents.

------3. The Iron Cartel (Led by the Iron Fist).  Led by a shrewd and ruthless leader named "Iron Fist," the Iron Cartel controls the black market trade in weapons, contraband, and forbidden magical artifacts. They have a well-fortified underground stronghold and maintain an army of loyal enforcers known as "Ironclads." The Iron Cartel's influence extends beyond Shadowhaven's borders, making them a formidable (though enigmatic) force in the criminal underworld.

------4.  The Ebon Veil (Led by the Mirage).  A secretive group of illusionists, forgers, and tricksters, the Ebon Veil specializes in elaborate cons and grand deceptions. Their charismatic leader "The Mirage" orchestrates elaborate heists through misdirection and illusion. They have a knack for exploiting people's desires and weaknesses, making them a dangerous faction to underestimate.

------5.  The Silver Syndicate (Led by the Silver Tongue).  Led by the cunning "Silver Tongue," this faction controls information and operates as a web of spies, hackers, and information brokers. They possess a vast network of informants, and their headquarters, known as "The Silver Nexus," serves as a hub for collecting and disseminating valuable data. The Silver Syndicate thrives on secrets and manipulating information to their advantage.

------6.  The Gilded Court  (Led by the Golden Queen).  A hedonistic and opulent faction led by the charismatic "Golden Queen," the Gilded Court specializes in high-end smuggling, luxury trafficking, and extravagant parties. They maintain a lavish palace hidden in the heart of the city, where they host elaborate gatherings to facilitate deals and indulge in their vices. Their power lies in their connections with the city's elite.  You have not located the palace, and have not yet been invited to it.

------7.  The Silent Hand (Led by the Shadowblade).  Comprising skilled thieves, locksmiths, and saboteurs, the Silent Hand is led by the elusive "Shadowblade." They focus on precision thefts and sabotaging rival factions' operations. Their base of operations is a sprawling labyrinth of tunnels beneath the city, allowing them to move swiftly and silently.  It is rumored they have similar labyrinths of tunnel under large cities in the Three Kingdoms.  The Silent Hand values loyalty and discipline above all else.



You have gathered the idea that the criminal factions of Shadowhaven operate in large cities outside of Shadowhaven.  But, they protect their status as legend and myth above all else.  Shade's inquiries with the Thieves Guild in Bassott-Garmon shows that either the Thieves Guild knows very little about Shadowhaven, or is very protective of Shadowhaven's secrets.  At this time, you cannot be sure which is true.

You also have come to wonder if they will actually let you walk away without forming some lasting ties with Shadowhaven.  If they are so protective of their status as legend and myth, why would they let you come here, look around, and then just leave?  Was that a lie to put you at ease?  Do they wish you to believe a choice to enter into some arrangements with one of the criminal cartels is voluntary?  Or do they trust you to a point, and just intend to keep an eye on you after you leave to ensure you keep their secrets?  You are not sure.


It is difficult to know the exact population of the city.  But, wandering around a bit, you find it is much larger than perhaps you first thought.  The rocky gorge within which it is built, twists and turns for a good half-mile, with bridges criss-crossing the stream that runs down its center, and stone buildings and stone streets winding along that route.  But, this is not the full extent of the city, as there are roads and alleys cuts into the rock face, and whole neighborhoods carved from the deep stone behind the walls.  Gates and heavy doors block some of these roads and alleys cut into the stone, making some buildings or perhaps whole neighborhoods essentially "gated communities" to which you do not have easy access.

If you had to estimate, you believe that the number of occupants of Shadowhaven is in the thousands, rather than hundreds of people.  Thousands, rather than ten's of thousands.  The people here are both male and female, almost entirely human, and you have seen only a handful of children.

Each criminal organization seems to have a portion of the city that is exclusively theirs, with some mixing and cross-over between these exclusive neighborhoods.  Basically, the borders where these exclusive areas touch, are made up of several blocks of buildings and residences that are occupied by two or more factions.  Ironclads appear to have approved access to all parts of the city, as they serve as the enforcers in the streets, maintaining order on behalf of the criminal factions, and perhaps the Guardian him/herself.

If you have any specific questions, or seek information in specific ways, just let me know.  I'll provide results and further information depending on how you seek it.