A group conversation about "that place"

The Next Morning

Timm had slept well and was ready to breakfast as well as discuss their thoughts and plans as to Shadowhaven.

In the morning Timm will wait until the rest of the party is up and have ordered breakfast before they start their meeting. Timm proposes to the group that they all share their interests and concerns in Shadowhaven as well as offer to go first.

Assuming Timm going first is okay, he will proceed to go over the following thoughts, ideas, etc.

Timm drones on and on and on...

“First, this place remains secret. Any who betray its location or how we got here will be used to satiate my lady, if you’re still alive when I get to you.” Timm looks around the table and sees the agreement in Shades eyes…Timm would most likely not be the one who killed them.

Secondly, I am not sure I want to join a guild, but I do find all seven of them to have skills, talents and abilities that I, nay we will most likely need in the future. My general plan is to meet as many of them as I can so as to build a relationship and potentially hire them in the future…become a ‘friend of shadowhaven’ as a whole. If one of them seems a perfect fit, I will reconsider…otherwise I’m looking for business partners more than employment.”


Here are my thoughts on the groups we know about…

  1. The Obsidian Syndicate (Led by the Artisan). 
    1. Timms Opinion: Let’s go to this person if we can find them.
      1. Offer information of what happened to their agent
      2. Offer information of what is held at depository
      3. Ask to see art gallery
  2. The Crimson Shadows (Led by the Whisper). 
    1. Timm’s Opinion: Didn’t we come across a red feather at a crime scene before we closed the gate?
    2. Group Timm is most likely to join. It would please his lady…lots of souls.
    3. Strong chance of hiring in the future.
  3. The Iron Cartel (Led by the Iron Fist). 
    1. Timm’s opinion: We met them and they didn’t attack
      1. Further relationship.
        1. Gabe – go cook for them
    2. They operate beyond this place.
      1. How? Being secretive.
    3. Timm might find reason to give them his map.
  4. The Ebon Veil (Led by the Mirage). 
    1. Timm’s opinion: I’m curious about this group, but at the same level I am reticent.
    2. The forging thing is attractive.
  5. The Silver Syndicate (Led by the Silver Tongue). 
    1. Timm’s opinion: A highly valuable potential contact.
      1. Are they willing to supply information as a trade.
      2. Can we use the tavern, our travels, and knowledge of greater Kempin as trade?
  6. The Gilded Court  (Led by the Golden Queen). 
    1. Tim’s opinion: I want to go to one of their parties.
      1. High end smuggling sounds attractive.
      2. Perhaps we could help with temporary storage options.
      3. Timm is going to get cleaned up and make sure he looks nice when he is out and about.
  7. The Silent Hand (Led by the Shadowblade). 
    1. Tim’s opinion: One of the groups I would be most likely to seek their services.
    2. Probably more appropriate for Shade or Teaworthy. Not a group I’m qualified to join.
  8. The Guardian
    1. I don’t plan on seeking out the Guardian. I suspect that we will meet that person if they want us to and asking questions about him doesn’t seem wise.

Things we have to offer: Perhaps we were welcomed because it would server this place.

  • Knowledge of the world of Kempin beyond the three kingdoms of Oth
  • Our individual skills and class abilities
  • Possible safe house locations
  • Possible information suppliers
  • Possible clients
  • Possible recruits

To start I plan on doing the following: Should take a couple or few days. Will reevaluate afterwards or if new information arises.

First, I want to walk around the town and visit the shops and taverns. Use this exploration to learn more about the town and also get a feel for which groups might be the best fit for Timm. In particular, he will look for:

  • Shops that offer magic items      
    • Disguise self
    • Detect Magic
    • Feather Fall
    • Protection
    • Avoid Scrying
    • See through walls
  • Shops that offer maps
    • Timm plans on giving Shadowhaven his map of the three kingdoms and how they line up with the current world of Kempin.
      • He’d rather all the guilds get it, rather than negotiate with just one.
      • Timm will use the story of the painting in his tavern to find loc of map shop.
  • Shops that offer art
    • Talk about hiring Philipe Deville to paint a large piece in the tavern
    • Looking for more pieces to decorate the tavern and also his house in Riverbend
  • Shops that offer light armor
    • Magic preferred.
    • Bonus to AC or Stealth

Well, that was supposed to be short….lol. sorry.


    • Chris Snevets

      I like the idea of 'friends of Shadowhaven.' I would like to see us as a help to each of the seven factions. We can smuggle, spy, thieve, assassinate, and party. We have something for each of them. I want to join them all. I think we need to speak with the Guardian.