Discord, the Avrae Dice-Roller, Dicecloud, and More...

Bad news and good news.  After much research, I could not find a bot to integrate Roll20 with Discord, for chat or dice rolling.  I found lots of people looking for a bot, and discussing how nice it would be.  But, it seems none exist.  If anyone else can find one, please let me know.  But, I don't believe it exists.

But, the good news is I've added the Avrae diceroller to our Discord.  I will post in how-this-works the directions for its use.  You can type dice rolls into the chat, and it will roll them.  Lots of cool features and specifics with that.  In addition, you can integrate a character sheet with the Avrae bot on our Discord.  For instance, Chris uses Beyond20, and he can integrate his character sheet with our Discord if he chooses.

You can also use the free open source DICECLOUD website to enter your character, and then integrate that into our Discord.  I've browsed through dicecloud, and its pretty fucking cool.  https://dicecloud.com/

And, if none of that works for you, I believe you can create a Google Sheet in a specific way, and then integrate that with Avrae as well.  So, three different options to integrate a character sheet with the chat, and make rolls without having to type them in each time.

And for those at the gaming table, one can always just roll real dice on that table.  I would trust Mark Simon to do the same at home, but I do enjoy seeing his dice rolls (and Jay's) pop up in the chat.  For those that don't currently roll dice in Roll20, the Discord/Avrae option will work much better from a phone than Roll20.  So, at least take a look at it all.  It is pretty cool how it works.

I will continue the Roll20, and it will always be available to you guys for character creation.  I may even get a wild-hair and use the mapping sometime.  And for all we know, there will be another pandemic, and we might have to all play from home.  Who the fuck knows.  Anyway.  Roll20 is not going away.  I have just had better luck with Video and Audio working on Discord, than I have with Roll20.  Anyway.  We'll sort of explore this together.  Let me know if you have any questions.



    • Mark Stinson

      SPECIAL NOTE:  Mark Simon, I'm definitely NOT saying you have to use this.  The last thing I want to do is force anyone to use something that don't want to use.  I just wanted to learn more about this, and explore it a bit.  In my mind, it is whatever works for you...and whatever you find enjoyable to use.  So, don't feel pressured one way or another.  You can even continue using Roll20 for dice rolls, and we'll just use Discord for Video/Audio/Chat...and I'll keep a window open in the Roll20.  Whatever works.