Sunday, December 19 2021
16:00 to 23:45

On Sunday, December 19th, from 4:00 PM until 11:30 PM, we'll be playing at Mark's house and on Roll20.  Our heroes, travel into mystery, on a mission to sever the connection between the World of Kempin and the Land of Fey.  Will the songs and Fey-banes hold?  Will the Temple fall?  Will our heroes return?  None can say.  See you there!

At Mark's House and on Roll20


    • Chris Snevets

      Hey John, When I guffawed at your ability scores, I wasn't shocked about the 18. I was shocked that a fighter wouldn't put the 18 on strength or dex. Those rules are like 40 years old. You can put them on any ability, not just where they appear during rolling. But, Mark should be able to straighten it out using point buy. However, I'm one to talk, my first 5e fighter had an 18 charisma! 

      • Chris Snevets

        Torvi proved that Shade could take a pounding. What? When she knocked him within inches of going down. Oh, you are taking about when Valerie pounded him within inches of passing out.

        • Mark Stinson

          Or, "Shade Goes Super-Fey."

          • Bert Godding

            You missed an opportunity here, Mark.  Clearly, "A Hard Fey's Night" is the optimum title for this game.  LOL