Sunday, November 20 2022
16:00 to 23:45

Having faced the horrors of the Guthias Tree, our intrepid adventurers attempt to find their way in two worlds merged into one.

Contact Details

Mark Stinson


Mark's House, 10819 N. Manchester Ave., KCMO 64157


    • Mark Stinson

      Unfortunately, this game was cancelled because the DM (me) was very very sick.  Sorry!  Game moved to December.

      • Mark Stinson

        I've been sick for 2 days.  We had to wait an extra day in Springfield for an extra day... Because of me.  I was hoping I'd feel better today.  But I'm feverish, sweaty, my throat and sinuses are on fire, and my head is muddled.  I'm sorry guys.  I was hoping I'd get better... But I can't play today.

        • Mark Stinson

          Renamed the event based on the direction the players wanted to go with the game.  :-)