Sunday, October 24 2021
16:00 to 23:45

On October 24th, 2021, at 4:00 PM we will gather at Mark's House for a game in the Carnival of Wonder campaign.  What trouble finds our Heroes in Emerald Bay, and how will they deal with the Gangs of the gemstone city?

Mark's House, 10819 N. Manchester Ave, KCMO 64157


    • Chris Snevets

      Famke in Disguise as Sasha.
      Must save Sympos and Timm. They may or may not know what danger awaits any who know the mystical arts. Would you not lift your sword against a foe? It is the same I tell you! Alas, it is no use. If they intend to eradicate good people out of this land, then they will be the ones begging for mercy!
      I mustn't draw attention to myself. Nope, no revenge on what happened the last fortnight. 
      Famke was living in a cave down by the coast, elevated but protected from storms and stealing eyes. 
      She could fish or hunt within steps of her abode. Her favorite thing was to play highway-lady. She would put the whole wagonload to sleep and take only what she needed. She loved bread and one scoop of butter, maybe two of jam.
      She knew this form of existence couldn't last, no matter en bonne forme. It was that day of doubt that Famke was made painfully aware that witches are real.
      Famke was preparing for a heist, gathering and packing things. When there was a crackling in the air and then a poof! A creature appeared, or a lady? A lady-come-lately as a creature. By the time the smoke cleared, Famke had fainted.
      Esmeralda has wild black and white hair that seems to sprout upward wherever you find it. Her eyes are bigger than they should be, pretty and magically mesmerizing, more than they should be. She is laughing at the poor warrior-sexpriestist, calapsed in a heap of weapons and boobs, or is that weapons and bigger weapons? Esmeralda carries on again and splashes Famke with water that did not exist a moment ago. "Sasha, wakey-wakey. I thought I only had that effect on men?" 
      Famke, wakes and scrambles backward, hitting the wall of the cave, "I won't let you make a mockery of me! I will take as many down, you will wish you had never accused the innocent. For we will be avenged!"
      Esmeralda stops her mayoral speech, "Save it sister. I'm here to help."
      Famke or Sasha whispers, " How did you find me? "