People, Places, and Things

BAPTISTE COURBET - The First Mate of the Paradis des Betes, the cargo ship that carries the exotic animals of the Carnival of Wonder.  Due to Captain Revis Laminor staying in his cabin most of the time, Baptiste has more responsibilities than most other First Mates.

BELLE FEMME - The "Beautiful Lady" is the flagship of the Carnival of Wonder, and is the location of Professor's Devereux's cabin.  As the flagship, the Belle Femme carries most of the "named" performers of the Carnival.  Those featured artists that appear on Carnival banners, and who's fame and reputation elevate the Carnival into something truly special.  Helmed by Captain Pierre-Henry Brunet, served closely by his First Mate Victoria Boudon. 

COOPER PEARSON - Captain of the Jour de Chance, the laborer's ship of the Carnival of Wonder.

GOLOV PETROVICH - First Mate of the Jour de Chance, the laborer's ship of the Carnival of Wonder.

JOUR DE CHANCE - The "Lucky Day" mainly carries the laborers, carnies, and those that run the games of chance.  In addition, most of the freak show and the Madam Giselle's "Plaisir les Filles" travel on this ship, separate from the "named" performers on the Belle Femme.  Helmed by Captain Cooper Pearson, served by his First Mate Golov Petrovich.

MERIELLE VANDAME - A great thespian, of much reknown, she is in her sixties and well-past her prime.  Even at her age, her classic beauty shines through the wrinkles and wear and tear of age, and her commanding voice enthralls any crowd for which she performs.  She keeps mostly to herself, having food brought to her cabin (at sea) or tent (in port).  She does not tend to take visitors, though it is rumored that she has had a long friendship with Professor Devereax.

PARADIS DES BETES - The "Beast's Paradise" is the ship that carries most of the exotic animals that travel with the Carnival of Wonder, and those trainers and laborers that work directly with the Carnival's animal acts.  It is a smelly ship, filled with strange cries and growls, the squawking of birds, and the roars of barely-tamed vicious beasts.  Helmed by Captain Revis Laminor, an older man, very thin, of Swaldune heritage.  Captain Revis is rarely seen outside of his cabin, both in and out of port, and his First Mate Baptiste Courbet has a more prominent role than most men in his position.

PIERRE-HENRY BRUNET - Captain of the Belle Femme, the flagship of the Carnival of Wonder.

PROFESSOR ALFRIC DEVEREUX - Tall, dark, and devilishly handsome.  The Professor is in his late 30's, with short black hair, combed back, but usually under a black top hat of the belled variety.  His green eyes are a strange combination of warm, but piercing.  His voice is deep, and resonant, and perfectly suited for barking the carnival or announcing acts in the main event tent.  The members of his carnival respect him, and often joke about his penchant for picking up strays and trying to "fix" broken people.

PROFESSEUR DEVEREUX'S CARNAVAL DES MERVEILLES - Professor Devereux's Carnival of Wonder travels from port to port in three leaky ships, bringing jugglers, bards, jesters, trick horse riders, an illusionist, a medium, fortune tellers, a faith-healer, the great thespian Merielle Vandame, a Squee-impersonator who calls himself Son of Squee, a knife-throwing act, acrobats, a family of high-wire artists, a strong-woman, a freakshow attraction, and a beastmaster and his menagerie of strange beasts, among other wonders.  The three ships are the Belle Femme, the Jour de Chance, and the Paradis des BĂȘtes.

REVIS LAMINOR - Captain of the Paradis des Betes, the cargo ship carrying the exotic animals of the Carnival of Wonder.  Revis is older, thin, and apparently of Swaldune origin.  He is rarely seen, as he rarely leaves his cabin, both in and out of port.

SQUEEDLBROCK, THE FAMOUS - Trading on the legendary Squee's reputation and fame, a bard traveling with the carnival is billed as "The Famous Squeedlbrock!"  This diminutive figure is actual a human miget, and stands around 3'6" tall.  Squeedlbrock specializes in bowdy songs, and songs that mock the political powers that be.  He's attractive, and wears prosthetic pointed ears and makeup to look more like a gnome.  The bard never really breaks character, and no one knows any other name for him except Squee or Squeedlbrock.

VICTORIA BOUDON - First Mate of the Belle Femme, flagship of the Carnival of Wonder.