The Characters Themselves!


    • Chris Snevets

      Here is more time appropriate song that she sings to cast spells.

      'These Boots are Made for Walking' follows Famke as she walks down the street.

      • Chris Snevets

        Famke was made for these times. Well, maybe not for the zombie apocalypse, but definitely everything else except that part. She could lie, cajole, and charm her way through life. If that didn't work, she could forge a new life and start over. She knows both low and high common, the uncommon common of the court. 

        She had made forgeries for both her and her younger sister, Ivanka. With one slip of the tongue, Ivanka managed to land herself on the Slaver stocks. Now, Famke uses her fake papers as a Slaver, Sasha, to search for her sister.









        • Chris Snevets

          Shade Scintilly is a hermit escaping life's demands. His poor life choices are what protected him from the current apocalypse unfolding.