The Ogre & the Oliphant

In days of yore, in lands of old,
A tale of valor shall be told,
Of Vomm Duram, an Oliphant bold,
And Frightal-lok, an Ogre strong and cold.

The right hand of the ruler wise,
Entrusts them with a secret guise,
Led by Portnov, guide of skillful guise,
They set forth 'neath the azure skies.

O'er mountains tall and plains so vast,
They journeyed on, their fate steadfast,
Encountering bandits, none dared to harass,
For honesty and courage, their virtues amassed.

Through plains they trod with hearts so light,
To towns of Zwerg and Hauflin, they alight,
Akin to Hobbits and Gnomes so bright,
Kindness in their steps, spreading delight.

To Crofton's port, their quest extends,
A creature strange, a stick-like blend,
Frightal-lok claims it as an 'unwilling' friend,
Unaware the creature's wishes, he offends.

Upon Black Sea Snake, they sail with glee,
To distant shores and mystery,
In a small town, they are set free,
To seek the wizard in the swamp's decree.

In marshy depths where shadows creep,
They face attackers, in waters deep,
Yet undeterred, they return to keep,
Their course unyielding, their purpose steep.

The magic tower stands tall and grand,
In the heart of swamp, an ancient land,
With wit and toil, they make a stand,
To meet the wizard, hand in hand.

With honesty and fervor strong,
They plead their cause, their hearts prolong,
The wizard's aid, they do belong,
For the just and right, they doth long.

Returned they have, unsung and true,
No fanfare, cheers, nor accolade they drew,
But in the hearts of those they knew,
The Ogre and Oliphant's legend grew.

So let this ballad, through time, endure,
A tale of bravery, pure and sure,
Of Frightal-lok and Vomm Duram's allure,
In the annals of valor, forever secure.


    • Marcus Auerilius

      This is a result of typing my notes from the session into chatgpt and telling it to turn it into a medieval ballad in iambic pentameter.