Kempin Unbound!

Kempin Unbound!

Exploring the World of Kempin!

Brief descriptionAdventures and Mini-Campaigns in the World of Kempin

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    • Mark Stinson
      Mark Stinson published a blog post The Anointed Order of Ezzoh
      The Red Jackal's voice lowered to a grave whisper. "You are to deliver these cursed coins to the Almoner, who will distribute the wealth among the people to quell the unrest. It is vital that the populace remains placated."
      • Mark Stinson
        Mark Stinson published a blog post The Necropolis of Khoqtue
        The Red Jackal, a mysterious figure with motives known only to himself, had summoned Gaerwynn from his solitary existence. Gaerwynn's heart had quickened at the sight of the red-cloaked figure, who spoke with a voice like rustling leaves in the dead...
        • Marcus Auerilius
          Marcus Auerilius published a blog post Rebranding Yourself
          None of the others seemed inclined to such philosophical inquiries, but nonetheless, the large Giwa pondered such questions on a regular basis.
          • Chris Snevets
            Chris Snevets published a blog post Demon Blood
            Don't tell him about our plans.

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