The Years Between Then and Now

The Years Between Then and Now

It is said that after a secret mission that none on the team ever spoke of again, Dom found his way, his path, the surety he needed. They had retrieved and delivered a sacred item of the most importance, and they had done so by simply asking.

Dom, Frightal, Stavic, Doomsayer and Gaerwyn had become quite the team. Never gaining prestige of any note, for they were the Irregulars and the name said it all. Regularly sent on missions too delicate for main force. Missions that required subtlety, stealth or more than anything else, deniability.

Any of the fairer races would have laughed at the prospect of this group being delicate, quiet, or sensitive, but compared to how the regular forces of Ogre shock troops behaved, they were dancers, the Cirque du Soleil of the Red Jackal.

No recognition, other than a nod of appreciation from Quinan, the Red Jackals right hand, the Irregulars had continued operating out of their small building on the edge of the fort at the end of an alley no one traversed.

Many missions, many successes, and as of yet no failures. Their only rewards were the few objects, sometimes magical in nature, that they acquired while on their missions, or the even more rare “shore leave” or “freetime”.

Item #1 Silver Veined Club for Vom

Vom had taken advantage of such a situation around six months after their adventure to find the Machine Soul.

  • Having just one quite a large pot at a poker game with several ogres in the main force, Vom needed to leave for a while. They had no missions, and Grax g’Harcht was not in the fort nor expected to return for at least another couple weeks. The military exercises the Red Jackal had instituted when he first came to the area and made an alliance with the ogres continued well past the days of his public appearances and was a primary reason their forces were so dangerous…besides their size and lust for battle. Grax had more to do than babysit the Irregulars.
  • Vom took the time to leave, not in hiding, for that was not his way, but not with official permission. He left as though he was on a mission and headed to the split mountain that they had visited those six months ago.
  • Intending to return to the plane of order and seek their guidance, he did not make it there.
  • Instead, when he arrived at the gate, the poor soul bound to it would not let him pass. The humanoid who had run the laboratory was bound to the gate and informed Vom that a messenger from the other side had been here shortly before Vom’s arrival and brought a message.
    • You may never return to the plane of Mechanicus, Vom Durom. For your presence is too disrupting. We know…your home. We know…your quest. We know…take this gift and know too…
    • Vom never got to hear the rest of the message. The sudden flash of light, explosion and impact knocked him out. What might have been hours, or days later, Vom awoke on the path that lead to the split mountain.
  • Vom takes time to gather his thoughts and check himself for injuries or any missing items. His club, the one he pulled off a tree while in Mechanicus seemed smoother than it used to be and had metal lines running through it that perhaps Vom hadn’t seen before. Not angular, but incredibly symmetrical, like the curving lines and patterns in a conch shell from the oceans that he had crossed so long ago and the silver lines and patterns seemed to pulse when he gripped the club’s handle.
  • Vom feeling like the forces of Order were supporting him comes to the understanding that night in his dreams (right or wrong) that he will someday find the ancient city of the Giwa, and that he will “re-awaken” it. Nothing could stop him…not even death. He will be the one to bring the natural order back to the Giwa.
  • Acquired Silver Veined Club – Magical +2 Club. May be used with cantrip Shillalagh

Item #2 – Belt of Resistance to Missile Weapons for Vom

    • Albrescht hadn’t lasted long with the group, but Vom couldn’t help but recognize he had benefited from the scouts untimely demise.
    • Scout from another team joins the Irregulars.
      • Is a “C“ scout. No one on the team likes him, but he get the job done well enough.
      • Somehow seems to never get hit by arrows, bolts or missile weapons.
      • Albrescht ends up fucking up and gets himself killed. No one is that sorry, but since Vom is the “healer”, he has access to the corpse after failing to heal him or bring him back from the brink.
      • Vom notices how nice the scouts belt although battered and covered in blood stains and removes it to inspect.
        • Ends up trying belt on and discovering that it protects from missile weapons.
  • Acquired Belt of Missile Resistance. All non-magical ranged attacks have disadvantage against Vom Durom while wearing belt.