Carnival of Wonder

Carnival of Wonder

In the Sixth Age, the "Age of Ravens," magic and heroes have disappeared from the world.  Demi-humans and other humanoid species have all but retreated from view.  The great Empires and Kingdoms of the former age are shadows of their former power, and warlords and raiders wield as much influence as self-proclaimed kings in their crumbling palaces and keeps.  Disease cuts it way through hungry populations, and small moments of joy are cherished and rare amongst years of toil.  The dead are restless, and reluctant to stay in their graves. Survival is the all consuming goal of the hard men of the new age, and those that are weak are washed away by the cruelties of the world.  The Carnival of Wonder sails the dark seas, bringing escape from the harsh realities of the World of Kempin.

Brief descriptionThe Carnival of Wonder sails the dark seas of the Age of Ravens.

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    • Marcus Auerilius
      Marcus Auerilius commented on the blog Homecoming
      Timm cleared his throat after a long draught of ale. As many of you have heard me profess, I serve the Lady of the Sea. She has granted me many boons…gifts if you may, but also demands a price or demonstration of dedication. Many years ago,...Read more
      • Chris Snevets
        Chris Snevets commented on the blog Homecoming
        Jay, you have a preternatural awareness of death, or at minimum the path to death. I dub thee duke of death!
        • Jay
          Jay commented on the blog Homecoming
          In the end none of us serve, we are all hurtling toward the inevitable decay of our bodies, spirits, and all other things we hold dear.  The only effect you have is did you further the growth and decay of others.
          • Jay
            Jay published a blog post Glinsess
            An update on Glinsess.   Some of his "treasures" were found which began an inquiry within the circus.   Although it was weird he couldn't be tied to a specific crime.   Prof Devereaux offered as an alternative to continuing to face...

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